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News guides 31 January 2024, 03:04

author: Olga Fiszer

Palworld - Is Attack Stat Worth It? Answered

Still confused about the Attack Stat in Palworld? Here’s a quick explanation of how Attack is calculated and how to reset your stats.

Source: Palworld; developer: Pocketpair

Many players often wonder about the complexities of their character’s Attack Stat in Palworld. While enhancing other attributes like stamina offers a 10% surge, the Attack Stat sees only a marginal increase of 2%, which may appear insignificant. Here’s how the Attack Stat in Palworld works, and why adding even a few points can be crucial for dealing a substantial amount of damage during combat.

How does Attack Stat work in Palworld

Numerous items, including gear, can enhance your attack power. Moreover, certain Pals and meals can also boost your offense. So, if you want to deal more damage, make sure your team includes Pals with a Vanguard passive skill, which increases your Attack by 10%. And most importantly, these bonuses stack.

But let’s just dive into the numbers to understand how Attack is calculated. The equation is pretty simple:

[100 (base stat points) + (2*additional stat points)] + % (gears + Pals)

Let’s say I’ve increased my Attack Stat 5 times and have 40% boost from my gear and Pals. Here’s how my Attack will be calculated:

[100 + (2*5)] + 40%

110 + 40% (40% of 110 = 44)

Attack = 154

That’s why rising your Attack even a few times can have a strong impact on your overall Attack power. It may seem insignificant at first, but trust me, you will notice the difference later in the game, especially as you craft better gear and capture more powerful Pals.

How to Reset your Stats in Palworld

If, like me, you ditched the Attack and invested in stats like HP, Weight, or Stamina (which were more important at the beginning of the game), there is a way to correct that mistake.

The Electric Medical Workbench allows you to craft Memory Wiping Medicine which respecs your stats. However, there’s also a major setback: when resetting your skills all your points are returned and ready to be reassigned, but your Effigys are gone! This means you’ll need to collect them all again. But note, that Palworld is still in Early Access, so this may change in the future.

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