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News guides 30 January 2024, 05:01

author: Olga Fiszer

Palworld - Pals in Palbox, Get Rid of Them and Find Pal Merchant Locations

Too many Pals in your Palbox? Learn how to get rid of them in Palworld. We will tell you where to find every Pal Merchant and Black Marketeer, as well as, how to use Meat Cleaver and Pal Essence Condenser.

Source: Palworld; developer: Pocket Pair

Low level Pals in Palworld are pretty easy to catch. The game even rewards you for capturing 10 of the same type. Needless to say, your Palbox can fill up very quickly, and soon you’ll end up with a feeling of running out of space. While there are some ways to get rid of piling up creatures, they may not necessarily offer particularly humane solutions.

How to get rid of Pals in Palworld

Unfortunately, releasing unwanted Pals into the wild to reunite with their families isn’t an option in Palworld. The simplest method to part ways with a Pal is by dropping its Pal Sphere. However, note that you can only drop a Pal that is a member of your team. This allows for retrieval, should you change your mind later, or another player may pick it up. While not overly drastic and not ideal either, we don’t really recommend this method, as there are more efficient ways to utilize your Pals.

Pals can be easily sorted in Palbox. Simply click on ‘Sort’ and select an option such as sorting by Paldeck No., Level, Element or Alpha status. Uder the sorting options, you’ll find numerous available boxes in Palbox interface that you can switch between.

How to use Meat Cleaver in Palworld

At level 12, you gain access to the Meat Cleaver in the Technology tree, which can be equipped as a weapon. With this tool, you can easily butcher Pals summoned in your base and obtain resources from them. Approach a creature that you want to sacrifice and click on ‘Open Menu’; a butcher option should appear (if that option will be unavailable, it may be due to a bug). And remember to not exterminate a Pal in front of their colleagues; you don’t want to be that cruel.

How to use Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld

There’s also a more useful device for disposing Pals in Palworld. Upon reaching level 14, you can unlock Pal Essence Condenser from Ancient Technology tree. This handy machine can combine several Pals of the same type to create a higher ranked version. So, perhaps hoarding Pals isn’t such a bad idea after all?

Black Marketeer and Pal Merchant in Palworld

If your prefer not to abandon or mistreat your Pals with barbaric methods, there’s a fourth option to part with them while even making some money in the process. Black Marketeers and Pal Merchants are always willing to purchase Pals from you. They also offer interesting stock, particularly Black Marketeers who may have rare Pals available. Above, you can find a map with their precise locations.

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