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News guides 20 February 2024, 04:07

author: Olga Fiszer

Palworld - Nitewing (Nightwing) Location and How to Breed

Have you tried to find Nitewing (Nightwing) in Palworld? This guide will help you find its weaknesses, discover its breeding combos, and successfully locate this flying Pal.

Source: Palworld; developer: Pocketpair

All Pals in Palworld possess distinct purposes, whether for serving as workers or excelling in fights. Pals like Nitewing, sometimes misspelled as Nightwing, assist in reaching the farthest corners of the map. Here are some tips on how to locate and catch Nitewing, along with all breeding combos.

How to Find Nitewing (Nightwing) in Palworld

Neutral element Nitewing is a great first flying mount Pal in Palworld. While it specializes in Gathering, it may not be the optimal choice for base work; nonetheless, it proves itself as a worthy defender.

Nitewing can appear in various locations across the islands, mainly in the northeast, east, and on smaller islands to the south. Notably, an Alpha Nitewing, on level 18, can be spotted roaming the beach near the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point, situated in the northwest region of the map. Nitewing is weak to Dark element Pals, making companions like Hoocrates, Depresso, Mau, and Nox recommended teammates for engaging it in battle.

Nitewing can be hatched from a normal size Common Egg, found in various places on the map. Several breeding combinations can result in the birth of Nitewing.

How to Breed Nitewing (Nightwing) in Palworld

All breeding combos to get Nitewing:

  1. Nitewing x Sweepa,
  2. Nitewing x Mossanda,
  3. Mossanda x Sweepa,
  4. Cinnamoth x Pyrin,
  5. Penking x Reptyro,
  6. Penking x Elizabee,
  7. Nitewing x Nitewing.

All breeding combos with Nitewing:

  1. Woolipop x Nitewing = Chillet,
  2. Celaray x Nitewing = Bushi,
  3. Penking x Nitewing = Kingpaca,
  4. Cinnamoth x Nitewing = Sibelyx,
  5. Rushoar x Nitewing = Petallia,
  6. Relaxaurus x Nitewing = Quivern,
  7. Cattiva x Nitewing = Lovander.

Check out our The Best Breeding Calculator in Palworld for all breeding combinations.

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