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Palworld - The Best Breeding Calculator and How to Use It

Palworld allows for breeding pals. There are calculators which will help you with it. Here you will learn how to use them and which one is the best.

Source: Palworld, Developer: Pocketpair

Many can argue that the resemblance of Palworld to Pokémon series is too close, though to be fair, the game offers different approach to creature collector genre. It is more focused on survival and crafting aspects and despite the popular slogan, it is not only “Pokémon with guns”… it’s also about love. Quite literally, as one part of the Pocketpair’s production is breeding Pals. If you would like to crossbreed them, you can use a calculator to help you determine what Pal will be the result of a given mix. How to use them? Which one is the best? Here you will learn answers to those questions.

How to use Pal breeding calculator for Palworld

There is no built-in breeding calculator in Palworld, but fans have gotten ahead and created a couple of them on their own. The use of calculators is rather similar no matter which one you choose. All there is to do is to select two creatures and the calculator will show a Pal that will result from such crossing.

Some calculators also offer a reverse function of entering a child that you would like to get, and they will show all the possible parent candidates. This can be very useful if you are looking for breeding a specific Pal, yet you don’t know which parents are required to get it.

Best breeding calculator for Palworld

As already mentioned, there are several calculators available, yet it’s possible that their number will grow in the future. Which one is the best then? That’s a very hard question, as it depends on what exactly you are looking for.

  1. The most simplistic, intuitive, and graphically appealing calculator is without a doubt It offers basic crossing calculations as well as child combinations finder.
  2. If you would like something more advanced, you should check Kimpton’s Palworld Breeding Guide. Its graphic design is simple, yet effective and offers a lot of functions – from filtering a parent for desired child through breeding matrix to pal shortest path calculator.
  3. If you would prefer raw data, there is a calculator prepared by u/blahable on Reddit. It is a Google docs spreadsheet containing all possible combinations. It is worth mentioning that Kimpton’s one is based on this source.
  4. An interesting option is provided by It can be a bit unintuitive at first but offers many features of the previous calculators in very compact form.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences. No matter which one you choose, they all will provide you with the information you are searching for.

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