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News video games 25 August 2020, 14:07

author: mikos

Patch 1.0 for PUBG Mobile is Said to be a Game-changer

On September 8, another major update for PUBG Mobile will debut, which will significantly improve the performance and appearance of the game.

Will the large patch make players' lives easier?

At the time, PUBG was an extremely popular battle royale, one of the pioneers of the genre, so the publisher's decision to port the experience to mobile devices in the form of PUBG Mobile did not surprise anyone. However, it seems that the creators themselves didn't think that the game would become so wildly popular (hundreds of millions of installations, tournaments with a prize pool of $2 million). The title, however, has its drawbacks, among which cheaters and performance issues are leading. The former are being fought by developers on an ongoing basis, and the latter are expected to change with the arrival of the September patch marked 1.0.

As we can read from the graphic above, the most important changes that the update will bring will be:

  • Improvements in game resource management for the installation of updates,
  • The performance will increase by an average of 20% frames per second,
  • A reduction in delays of about 65%.

The update will therefore mainly focus on improving the gameplay quality of players with mid- and low-end devices, which is expected to contribute to the growing popularity of the game in developing countries - such as India, which is the largest market for PUBG.

We already have snowmobiles on sand - time to improve performance?

As far as more detailed data is concerned, we also find out that the character movements, the surroundings, and the shooting effects are to be improved, and the lighting system and textures will go through "complete renovation". The whole game will therefore undergo a major overhaul - both in terms of visual and optimization.

Update to version 1.0 is scheduled to debut on September 8 in App Store and Google Play stores.

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