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News video games 17 October 2023, 02:28

author: Kamil Kleszyk

PayDay 3 Devs Have a Problem; 90% of Players Gave Up Waiting for Patches

Numerous glitches and constantly postponed patches for PayDay 3 are causing gamers to abandon Starbreeze's latest game in dangerously big numbers.

Source: Prime Matter

Nowadays, all too often we witness games facing various technical issues on the day of their official release. A good example of this "trend" is PayDay 3.

The latest installment of the series from Starbreeze suffered a nightmarish launch - mainly due to problems with servers, preventing players from joining the fun. As if that wasn't enough, the online shooter was plagued by all sorts of glitches, which effectively took away the joy of executing virtual robberies.

Not surprisingly, the developers quickly announced a plan to fix the game. The first major patch for PayDay 3 was supposed to appear in mid-October. The halfway point of the month is already behind us and the patch is nowhere to be seen. And this is not going to change any time soon.

Starbreeze, via X/Twitter, has issued an official announcement stating that the release of the patch has once again been delayed due to "some issues that need to be resolved.".

Players abandon PayDay 3

Given the current "popularity" of PayDay 3, the developers may soon have no one to fix their title for. Not even a month has passed since the game's release, and on Steam it has already lost 90% of players. At the peak, the game was played by nearly 80 thousand people, and now the numbers are oscillating around 8 thousand. There is also no doubt that with each day of waiting for patches this number will get lower and lower. At the same time, the second part is currently played by an average of 30-40 thousand people at a time, and yesterday's peak was 55 thousand players.

The mood of the community is also perfectly reflected by opinions on Valve's platform. At the time of writing this news PayDay 3 has been given 31,473 reviews, of which as much as 60% are negative. The situation in which the developers have found themselves is certainly less than stellar.

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