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News video games 19 September 2023, 14:38

author: Kamil Kleszyk

PayDay 3's Early Access Disaster; PS5 Got Older Build [Update]

PayDay 3's early access debut is far from perfect. Not only does the game face technical problems, but PS5 players received an older version of the title.

Source: Prime Matter


Andreas Häll Penninger reported that Sony has already released a relevant patch and PS5 owners can finally enjoy the same version of the game as users of other platforms.

Original news

10 years - that's how long fans of the PayDay series have waited for the third installment of the popular network shooter. So it's no surprise that quite a few people decided to spend their reserves on the Gold Edition, giving the opportunity to play the game three days before the official release. Unfortunately, many PayDay 3 players experienced considerable disappointment when they first launched the game.

Owners of PlayStation 5 consoles may be particularly bitter, as they received... an older build of the game.. This was confirmed on X/Twitter by the main producer of PayDay 3 Andreas Häll Penninger.

PayDay 3s Early Access Disaster; PS5 Got Older Build [Update] - picture #1
Source: X/Twitter, @PAYDAD_.

To make matters worse, people who bought early access to PayDay 3 on PS5 are unable to collect their preorder bonuses. The rewards will not be given to players until after the title's official release on September 21 (via FrostedCherry, Reddit).

Who's to blame?

On the game's subreddit a debate has heated up about who is to blame for this oversight. Some users claim that the mistake was made by the developers, who sent Sony the wrong version of the game. This therefore seems the most reasonable explanation.

On the other side of the barricade, on the other hand, there are gamers blaming the Japanese corporation. The evidence is supposed to be that at the time of PayDay 3's problems many other PS5 games also encountered issues. Among those affected were Baldur's Gate 3 players, who were unable to load their campaign (the problems were commented on by Larian Studios, which claims that the fault may lie with the PSN).

Not just PlayStation

And while the situation faced by PlayStation console owners is unenviable, users of other platforms on which PayDay 3 has been released, are also facing various difficulties.

When early access was launched, the game's servers refused to function. As a result, for some time PC and Xbox Series X/S players were unable to participate in online gameplay.. Although the problem has now been resolved, the situation causes considerable distaste.

PayDay 3s Early Access Disaster; PS5 Got Older Build [Update] - picture #2
Source: X/Twitter, @PAYDAYGame.

Users of Epic Games Store were not spared the problems either. Fortunately, the glitch preventing users from skipping the game's welcome screen was quickly fixed.

PayDay 3s Early Access Disaster; PS5 Got Older Build [Update] - picture #3
Source: X/Twitter, @PAYDAYGame.

Well-deserved criticism

All these problems have resulted in the developers from Starbreeze being showered with discontent from the community. Many players are even demanding a refund of the money spent for the opportunity to play the game in early access.. It is hardly surprising, after all. PayDay 3 Gold Edition for PlayStation 5 is an expense of $100, and in return players received the opportunity to... comeplete the tutorial.

You can read some sample comments below.

"PS5 gamers were robbed," claims @TRRealist23.

"The way you 'handle' this situation makes me want my money back," declares @TRRealist23 . @shlobbyknobkins.

"PS5 Gold Edition: 3 days in advance to be able to stare at the login page or play the tutorial over and over again," sums up Problematic76.

It looks like Steam users are the luckiest for now. Those playing PayDay 3 on Valve's platform are not complaining about any serious glitches. At the time of writing this news, 13,000 people are participating in the heists. On the other hand, at the peak it was 35,213 players (via SteamDB).

Finally, let us remind you that official release of PayDay 3 will take place on September 21. Starbreeze's work was created for PC and PS5 and XSX/S consoles.

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