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News video games 17 November 2022, 15:37

author: Adam Adamczyk

Pentiment Choices Guide

In Pentiment, you can make initial choices that determine the main protagonists's background. Thanks to this guide, you will learn all of them and which ones are the best.

Pentiment is a very addictive point and click game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, characterized by a very distinctive graphic design referring to medieval engravings. In this guide you will learn what are the initial choices related to the main character and which of them are the best.

Past Residence

Pentiment Choices Guide - picture #1
Past Residence

At the beginning we have to choose our place of origin. This will determine what languages our character knows, which is useful, for example, when making contact with some characters. We can choose from:

  1. Basel - Andreas understands Italian and French
  2. Flanders - Andreas understands Dutch and French
  3. Italy - Andreas understands Italian and Greek.

Best choice

The best choice would be Italian, because Italian and Greek will enable you to learn the most about the world in which the game is set.


Pentiment Choices Guide - picture #2

Hobby determines what Andreas likes to do in his free time. It also affects his ability to deal with certain situations in the game.

  1. Hedonist - Andreas loves to entertain himself and has experience interacting with other people. This thus helps him make connections and makes the character more charming. Therefore, it can be considered a kind of equivalent to charisma.
  2. Craftsman - Andreas loves art and is very hardworking. It helps him establish better relationships with craftsmen.
  3. Bookworm - Andreas has spent a great deal of time reading, so he is better able to understand a variety of manuscripts. Books are the best source of knowledge to learn the meaning of symbols and patterns.
  4. Rapscallion - Andreas has been involved in a fight more than once. As a result, he will be able to efficiently using physical force.
  5. Businessman - Andreas knows the power of money, making him a greater authority in the field of finance.

Best choice

When it comes to hobbies, it is worth choosing bookworm, because the game puts a lot of emphasis on literature and art, which you can learn about through this hobby. An interesting choice is also hedonist, through which you can access a lot of entertaining dialogues. So if you are betting on getting to know the world, bookworm is the best choice. Hedonist will work great for those who like a less conventional approach to history.


Pentiment Choices Guide - picture #3

This choice determines what Andreas studied while at university. It will determine whether the main character will be able to handle certain tasks or will have to tackle them in a different way.

  1. Theology - Andreas has a good understanding of theology, biblical knowledge, heresies and canon law. As a result, he will be better able to deal with matters that are related to the faith and the church.
  2. Imperial Law - Andreas has an excellent understanding of the applicable law, so he can better understand what he is allowed to do and what he cannot get away with.
  3. Medicine - Andreas is knowledgeable about diseases and medical treatment, so he will sometimes be able to handle cases involving a variety of ailments.

Best choice

The game focuses on solving a murder mystery, so the the best choice in this case will be Medicine. This will enable you to examine the body more closely and learn many useful things.

Favourite Subject

Pentiment Choices Guide - picture #4
Favourite Subject

You can choose two subjects that the main character liked the most during his stay at the university.

Latinist - Andreas is very familiar with writing and remembering quotes. Latinist combines well with Bookworm.

Logician - Andreas is excellent at caluclations and understanding mathematical formulas. Logician is a very good combination with Businessman.

Orator - Andreas is a great speaker, so he can handle some issues simply by convincing others of his point. Orator is a great combination with Hedonist.

Occultist - Andreas has a working knowledge of alchemy, astrology, theurgy, necromancy and magical rituals. Occultist is worth combining with Medicine.

Heavens and Earth - Andreas understands the importance of the religious world, as well as more mundane matters. It is worth combining with Theology.

Best choice

The game places strong emphasis on religious matters, but there are also pagan themes. In addition, a lot can be learned from a variety of books. For this reason the best choice will be a combination of Occultist and Latinist.

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