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News video games 30 October 2020, 15:18

author: Adrian Werner

Phasmophobia Patch 3 Adds New Halloween-related Elements

The popular horror game Phasmophobia received patch number 3, improving gameplay, fixing bugs and introducing new elements related to Halloween.

The hit multiplayer horror game Phasmophobia received an update number 3. The patch removes dozens of bugs and issues as well as introduces changes that make the gameplay more enjoyable.

Developers have improved the network code to prevent most disconnections and voice chat problems. They also modified the way saves are created, so that they are less likely to be damaged if the game crashes. Audio options add the ability to configure voice detection sensitivity.

This is an update that focuses on improving what Phasmophobia has already offered. However, there was no shortage of novelties. Interestingly, the devs did not reveal which elements have been added to the game, because they want the players to find them themselves. The only clue is that they are related to Halloween.

Let us recall that the game was released on September 18. Phasmophobia is available in early access exclusively on PC. The game turned out to be an unexpected hit, reaching the top of Steam's bestseller list. The title is also very highly rated by players - 97% of user reviews on Valve's platform are positive. The release of the full version is scheduled for next year.

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