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News video games 06 September 2022, 12:13

author: Adrian Werner

Phasmophobia Devs Reveal New Development Roadmap

Kinetic Games has revealed development plans for its popular multiplayer horror game and they are quite ambitious.

Online horror game Phasmophobia was one of the 2020 phenomenona on Steam. Since then, the craze for the game has subsided heavily, but it still enjoys considerable popularity. This is despite the fact that work on improving the project has been slower than the authors promised. Now the developers have spoken out on the matter. They apologized for the delays and released an updated roadmap.

Phasmophobia - development roadmap

A lot of activities await fans of the game.

  1. Update 0.7 (September 2022) - will introduce a customizable difficulty level option to the game. It will enable you to set so many elements of gameplay that in practice it should be almost possible to create your own modes. This month we will also get a system for reporting other players' misbehavior, as well as several other new features that the developers don't want to reveal yet.
  2. Update 0.8 (Q4 2022). - will bring an improved weather system, volumetric lighting and engine optimization. Additional new features are planned for this patch as well, which have not been revealed as of yet.
  3. Update 0.9 (2023) - will offer an improved progression system, new player character models and the ability to change their appearance, additional challenges and expanded equipment that we can upgrade. All this will be made available in three stages.
  4. Further updates (2023) - further development plans include, among other things, new locations and equipment, as well as a thorough refresh of many game elements, such as ghost models and effects, as well as the addition of new events.

Phasmophobia debuted in early access in September 2020. The project is available exclusively on PC.

The game became a huge hit, but over time interest in it has visibly subsided. Despite this, the title is still doing very well. Yesterday, at the hottest moment of the day, it was being played on Steam by almost 20 thousand concurrent players.

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