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Plague Tale: Requiem: I'm Stuck! How to Help Lucas in Arena’s Underground

If you're stuck in the second chapter of A Plague Tale Requiem, in the underground arena (coliseum), and don't know how to help Lucas get through the rats to you safely, this guide will help you.

Source: ASOBO Studio, A Plague Tale Requiem

The release of A Plague Tale Requiem is behind us, and together with Amicia, Lucas and Hugo we can once again embark on a journey through cities destroyed by the plague of rats. The game is much more difficult than the first part, but in addition to challenging combat, there are moments in the game where we can simply get stuck.

One of them is in the second chapter "Newcomers," in the "Underground" section, in which you and Lucas explore the Colosseum (arena’s underground) in search of The Magister of the Order, the alchemist Vaudin. At one point in the Chapter 2 of "Newcomers," Lucas and Amicia get separated. It will happen a while after you first encounter the rats and you will have to run away from them until you shut the steel door behind you. There you will have to walk on a wooden beam, which will collapse under Lucas.

Plague Tale: Requiem: Im Stuck! How to Help Lucas in Arena’s Underground - picture #1

There is a bonfire next to Lucas - light it by throwing a lit stick.Asobo Studio, A Plague Tale Requiem

Lucas will survive, but you will be separated. There are rats foraging between Amicia and Lucas, and we have nothing at our disposal to help us start a fire from a distance. There is only a hearth, a pile of sticks and an inactive ladder nearby, but you can't use it (red ban icon). So how do we help Lucas and get to his side of the coliseum?

I’m stuck in chapter 2 of Plague Tale Requiem – how to help Lucas?

Lucas is standing on the other side and can't get to us - we can't get to him either, because we don't have the fire to chase away the rats (Lucas hasn't given us Ignifer yet - a substance that lights torches and bonfires).

Plague Tale: Requiem: Im Stuck! How to Help Lucas in Arena’s Underground - picture #2

Then throw the stick (not lit) to LucasAsobo Studio, A Plague Tale Requiem

Plague Tale: Requiem: Im Stuck! How to Help Lucas in Arena’s Underground - picture #3

Lucas has safely passed to your side - you can now use the ladder, which was previously inactive.Asobo Studio, A Plague Tale Requiem

The truth is, the solution is simple and Lucas reveals it to us himself. It is not for us to go to Lucas, but for Lucas to reach us. A Plague Tale Requiem introduced the mechanics of throwing and catching items from companions. What we need to do is to pick up a stick, light it using the bonfire on our side and throw it towards the hearth next to Lucas. It will light up, and Lucas will be able to get closer, but he still won't be able to cross to the other side completely. We have to repeat the steps – pick up the wooden stick from the pile and throw it to Lucas (just like you throw any other object, using the right mouse button or LT buton on the Xbox gamepad or L2 on the DualSense controller from Playstation). Lucas will grab the stick and light it himself.

The inactive ladder in Plague Tale Requiem

This will provide Lucas with the torch necessary to make a safe passage to us through the rats. After rejoining Amicia, you will be able to use the ladder that was inactive a moment before. This is not a bug - the ladder will become active and you will be able to use it as soon as Lucas is safely on your side of the coliseum.

Interestingly, if we wait long enough, Lucas himself will inform us about the solution to the puzzle. So if you are stuck in the coliseum with Amicia and Lucas, you already know how to solve the problem.

You can read more about A Plague Tale Requiem itself in our review of the game. If you need help, a guide or tips, take a look at our guide for A Plague Tale Requiem and A Plague Tale Requiem walkthrough, which will help you find all the finds and secrets and complete each chapter of the game.

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