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A Plague Tale Requiem Guide, Walkthrough

A Plague Tale Requiem Guide, Walkthrough

Requiem for a rat A Plague Tale Requiem guide, walkthrough is the best Beginner's Guide, for stealth, exploration, skill development, item crafting. We discuss all chapters, equipment, all collectibles, bosses, system requirements, keybinds.

Last update: 12 January 2023

The A Plague Tale Requiem game guide will help you lead Amicia, Hugo and their companions to reach the finale of their adventure. The main part of the guide is the extensive walkthrough with detailed descriptions of puzzles and confrontations with living opponents and rats. You will also learn how to get all the secrets and collectibles, how to craft and upgrade items, and how to unlock the platinum trophy.

Plague Tale Requiem: Guide content

Our guide to A Plague Tale: Requiem starts with pages dedicated to the basic gameplay mechanics. These are mainly found in the beginner's guide, where you will learn about the most important aspects of the gameplay. On the following pages, we have described, e.g. combat, stealth, exploration, developing Amicia's skills, crafting consumable items and improving Amicia's inventory with tools and workbenches.

The FAQ chapter contains answers to frequently asked questions. You will learn from it, among others, how to save the game, whether you can repeat chapters, how to have more knives or how to kill armored enemies.

Our walkthrough to A Plague Tale Requiem is a very important part of the guide. We have included detailed walkthroughs for all chapters of the game. We focused on sneaking past or eliminating encountered opponents, avoiding rats, solving environmental puzzles and defeating bosses and elite opponents. Our walkthrough also describers the game's ending.

The walkthrough is supplemented by a chapter on secrets and collectibles available in A Plague Tale Requiem. It will help you get 100% of the secrets, which are flowers and feathers for Hugo's Herbarium, Souvenirs and Hidden Chests. We have divided the descriptions of the collectibles according to the chapters in which they appear.

The last few pages are dedicated to, e.g. the trophy guide with instructions on how to unlock the platinum trophy. We have also created an appendix with pages about, e.g. the controls, system requirements or how long it takes to complete A Plague Tale Requiem.

Plague Tale Requiem: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Use stealth a lot. In A Plague Tale Requiem, Amicia has a wider range of skills to eliminate enemies stealthily, but direct confrontations can be deadly.
  2. Search carefully the locations you visit. You can mainly find tools to improve equipment, crafting ingredients, interactive items, as well as secrets and collectibles.
  3. Watch out in locations with rats. Stay within reach of light sources and move them so that you do not get eaten. In some locations, you can also distract rats and get rid of enemies by deception (e.g. putting out their torches).
  4. Use knives to open workbenches. This is the only way to access to some of them. Do not waste the knives you have on the enemies you encounter, as you can kill them in other ways.
  5. Help companions. Most of the time, you don't need to worry about your current companions (e.g. Hugo or Lucas), but in specific situations, their lives will be in danger. You will have to react quickly.
  6. Increase Amicia's inventory. Unlocking some of the available upgrades will enable you to carry more, e.g. knives, crossbow bolts or crafting materials. You will be able to use gadgets more frequently.

More tips and hints can be found on a separate page of the guide: Beginner's guide.

Plague Tale Requiem: All chapters, walkthrough

Chapter 1 - Under a New Sun

  1. Reach the castle - This walkthrough page describes how to win a game of hide-and-seek with Lucas, how to hit cones in the water and how to escape from beekeepers.
  2. Reach the city - We describe how to remain unnoticed after the attack on the cart, how to avoid contact with the flames, how to get rid of the beekeepers and how to rescue Beatrice.

Chapter 2 - Newcomers

  1. Walk to the house - This page of the walkthrough explains what the main attractions in the city are, where the florist and her husband are staying, and how to avoid the first archer you encounter.
  2. Exit the arena's underground - Our guide describes how to avoid rats and how to solve the puzzles with lowering the platform and setting 4 correct symbols.

Chapter 3 - A Burden of Blood

  1. Exit the city - In the walkthrough, we explain how to get outside the city gate, as well as how to properly use the Exstinguis gadget to sabotage light sources.
  2. Find and rescue Lucas - We described step by step how to get to Lucas, how to defend him, how to defeat enemies with shields and where to find the herbalist.
  3. Escape the Fort - Our walkthrough explains how to start the escape from the fort, how to avoid detection, how to retrieve the sling and how to solve the ballista puzzle.

Chapter 4 - Protector's Duty

  1. Find the Order's boat - Our walkthrough explains how to determine the location of the Order's boat and how to solve the puzzles with the tar warehouse and cooperating with a soldier at the docks.
  2. Get to Joseph at the pontoon - We describe how to avoid soldiers near the large campfire in the wetlands, how to use tar, and how to escape from a horde of rats.

Chapter 5 - In Our Wake

  1. Find a way to reach the boat - We suggest how to cross the construction site, how to pass the ferry and chain puzzle, and how to save Lucas by using a crossbow.
  2. Run from Arnaud - We describe how to defend yourself from bandits while traveling by boat, how to free the boat and how to properly escape from the boss Arnaud.

Chapter 6 - Leaving All Behind

  1. Find a way towards the coast - Our walkthrough tells you how to use Hugo's powers to control rats and eliminate enemies, as well as how to get through the quarry.
  2. Deal with the Beast - Learn how to pass through the dye factory, how to defeat the unique boss Beast and how to escape from rats.

Chapter 7 - Felons

  1. Cross the beach - Learn how to use the anchor point, how to get to the caves, how to use Arnaud's skills and how to reach the shipwreck.
  2. Reach Sophia's boat - Our walkthrough explains how to reach the fishing village, as well as how to solve the bigger puzzle with the releasing Sophia's boat.

Chapter 8 - A Sea of Promises

  1. Enter the village - Learn how to behave on the ship, what are the main attractions in the village, and how to win a pot-throwing competition.
  2. Escape From the Count's Soldiers - Learn how to avoid the Count's soldiers during the escape, and how to dodge a falcon sent by a falconer.

Chapter 9 - Tales and Revelations

  1. Explore The Island - On the page we have compiled the mandatory activities you have to perform when exploring La Cuna Island. You will also learn where to find the ruins and the path to Las Madres.
  2. Find a way around the checkpoint - The walkthrough explains how to complete the 2 sneaking sequences on the way to the shrine and how to use Sophia's prism.
  3. Explore the sacred chambers - Learn how to search the sacred chambers in 100%, as well as how to get out of the shrine safely.

Chapter 10 - Bloodline

  1. Reach the fort - In our walkthrough, we show where the round tower is and how to get to it, as well as how to deal with bandits on the way to the fort.
  2. Survive the assault - Our walkthrough describes how to get through the fort's courtyard, as well as how to defeat the groups of mercenaries.

Chapter 11 - The Cradle of Centuries

  1. Reach the ruins - You will learn how to avoid rats, how to access the wheeled cart, and how to return to the ruins and find the exit to the underground.
  2. Explore the underground area - The walkthrough explains how to solve the big puzzle with wagons moving on rails and how to use explosive copper tanks.
  3. Open the gate - Here we described the larger puzzle of unlocking the big gate. You will also learn how to lift all the pieces of the bridge and how to escape the rats.

Chapter 12 - The Life We Deserve

  1. Run Away From The Count - You will learn how to avoid the Count during the escape and how to solve the puzzle of lowering the bars in the mansion's basement.
  2. Push Hugo to the limit - On this page, you will find information on how to use Hugo's power to attack approaching soldiers and how to attack the Countess.

Chapter 13 - Nothing Left

  1. Find a way to the surface - Our walkthrough explains how to unlock the exit from the basement, as well as how to safely pass through the large rats' nest.
  2. Reach the port - You will learn how to avoid or eliminate soldiers on the way to the port, as well as how to win the battle in the port and release Arnaud.

Chapter 14 - Healing Our Wounds

  1. Lose the Count's ship - You will learn what to do when the Count's ship appears, as well as how to survive the battle after the boarding begins.

Chapter 15 - Dying Sun

  1. Kill the Count - Our walkthrough describes a larger battle on the beach next to a shipwreck, in which you kill the Count. You will also learn how to use a flamethrower on a cart.

Chapter 16 - King Hugo

  1. Final Battle - The page describes how to avoid the waves of rats, how to find Hugo and how to win the final battle.

Chapter 17 - Legacy of De Rune Family

  1. Epilogue - On the page we described the campaign's short epilogue. You will also learn how to unlock NG mode and what unique reward you get for your first playthrough.

Plague Tale Requiem: All secrets and collectibles

Hugo's Herbarium and Souvenirs:

  1. Chapter 2 - In Chapter 2, there is a single Hugo's Herbarium specimen and 2 Souvenirs.
  2. Chapter 3 - in Chapter 3, there are 2 Souvenirs to unlock and one Hugo's Herbarium specimen.
  3. Chapter 4 - in Chapter 4, there is a single Hugo's Herbarium specimen and 1 Souvenir to find.
  4. Chapter 5 - in Chapter 5, there are 2 Souvenirs and one Hugo's Herbarium specimen to collect.
  5. Chapter 6 - in Chapter 6, there is a Hugo's Herbarium specimen and 2 Souvenirs to unlock.
  6. Chapter 7 - in Chapter 7, there are 2 Souvenirs and one Hugo's Herbarium item to find.
  7. Chapter 8 - in Chapter 8, there is one Hugo's Herbarium specimen and 2 Souvenirs to obtain.
  8. Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 is characteristic for its large number of collectibles, as there is a single Hugo's Herbarium specimen and as many as 3 Souvenirs.
  9. Chapter 10 - in Chapter 10, there is a single Souvenir and 1 Hugo' Herbarium specimen to collect.
  10. Chapter 11 - in Chapter 11, there are 2 Souvenirs and 1 Hugo's Herbarium specimen.
  11. Chapter 13 - in Chapter 13, you can set out to collect 1 Hugo's Herbarium specimen and 1 Souvenir.
  12. Chapter 16 - in the finale of the story, there is only a single Hugo's Herbarium specimen.

Hidden Chests:

  1. Chapter 3 - on this page you can view secret chests from Chapter 3.
  2. Chapter 4 - on this page you can view secret chests from Chapter 4
  3. Chapter 5 - this page contains the approximate locations of secret chests in Chapter 5.
  4. Chapter 6 - visit this page to get the locations of secret chests appearing in Chapter 6.
  5. Chapter 7 - here are the locations of secret chests from Chapter 7.
  6. Chapter 8 - on this page we show the locations of secret chests from Chapter 8.
  7. Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 has the bigger number of secret chests from all chapters, and some of them are found when exploring an open island location.
  8. Chapter 10 - this page marks the locations of chests that can be found along the way to the fort.
  9. Chapter 11 - here are the secret chests from Chapter 11.
  10. Chapter 13 - from this page you can learn of the locations of secret chests in Chapter 13.
  11. Chapter 16 - In this chapter, you find the final secret chest in the game.

Plague Tale Requiem: Basics

In our guide to A Plague Tale: Requiem, you will find various tips on the main gameplay mechanics. We have described them on the following pages of the chapter about the basics.

  1. Difficulty levels - On this page, we have described the 3 difficulty levels and the most important differences between them, as well as the available facilitators (e.g. partial immortality).
  2. Stealth and combat - We have included the most important tips on how to effectively sneak and avoid detection. In addition, we explain how to perform stealth attacks and what to do in direct confrontations.
  3. Exploration - The page contains basic tips on how to properly explore the locations visited in the game and what you can gain from it, as well as how to deal in locations with rats.
  4. Character progression - We describe developing the skills of the playable characters. You will learn, among others, how to unlock skills and how to upgrade Amicia's equipment, and how to get Hugo's powers.
  5. Crafting - We have described the most important crafting rules. We inform you how to unlock new recipes and what are the requirements and restrictions for creating consumable items.

Plague Tale Requiem: FAQ

The FAQ section of our guide contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. They may concern problematic mechanics or making the game easier.

  1. How to save the game? - On this page, we explain whether the game has manual saves and when the current progress is saved automatically.
  2. Is there a chapter selection available? - We answer whether you can repeat already completed stages using the chapter selection option and what is the main reason for returning to old locations.
  3. How to increase the knife limit? - By default, Amicia can only carry one knife in her inventory. Read this page to learn if you can carry more.
  4. How to kill enemies wearing armor? - On this page, we have included useful tips on how to deal with armored enemies, on which regular slingshot attacks are ineffective.
  5. Are there scary moments in the game? - On the page, we answer whether A Plague Tale Requiem contains scenes typical of horror games, e.g. attempts to scare the player with a sudden attack of rats.
  6. How to unlock the crossbow? - The page tells you how to obtain a crossbow, as well as how to permanently increase the number of bolts carried.
  7. How to increase opportunism? - We have posted advice on what types of activities grant Opportunism XP and allow you to unlock new skills from this group.

Plague Tale Requiem: Trophies and platinum

A Plague Tale: Requiem has a platinum trophy - available on PS5. We have prepared a trophy guide, from which you will learn how to complete the requirements necessary to obtain 100% of the available achievements.

  1. Trophies/Achievements - list

Plague Tale Requiem: Game length

It should take you several hours to complete A Plague Tale: Requiem. The game is a bit longer than the first part (A Plague Tale: Innocence), but it is not a big open world with a huge number of collectibles.

For more information on estimated play time, see the Game length page.

Plague Tale Requiem: PC system requirements

  1. CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K / AMD FX-8300
  2. RAM: 16 GB
  3. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 970 with 4 GB VRAM / AMD Radeon RX 590 with 8 GB VRAM.
  4. Disk space: around 55 GB
  5. DirectX: 12
  6. Operating system: Windows 10/11 64-bit

More about the game's requirements and its performance on consoles can be found on the page: System requirements.

Plague Tale Requiem: Language versions

A Plague Tale: Requiem offers dubbing in 5 languages. You can switch to French dubbing for better immersion.

We have listed the available languages on the Language versions page.

About A Plague Tale Requiem Guide, Walkthrough

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Asobo Studio
  • publisher: Focus Entertainment / Focus Home Interactive
  • platform: PC, Switch, PS5, XSX

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