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News video games 07 July 2023, 14:57

author: Marcin Przala

Player Who Swatted Ubisoft in Revenge for Ban Got Convicted

A toxic gamer who sent police to Ubisoft Montreal in 2020 as revenge has been sentended to prison.

Source: Wikipedia.

Three years in prison, reparations to the victims and an obligation to undertake medical treatment - such was the sentence heard by the 22-year-old gamer who significantly inconvenienced Ubisoft (via Dexerto).

Developers swatted

The young Frenchman's case dates back to 2020, when Canadian police received "a dozen" reports of hostages being held at Ubisoft Montreal headquarters.

Officers took the case extremely seriously and "raided" the development studio's building. It quickly became clear that the whole affair was one big hoax - a prank, a fake, known on the Internet as swatting.

Ubisoft representatives, however, were not laughing and, together with the police, efficiently singled out the person responsible for the prank.

Revenge of a toxic gamer

The perpetrator of all the confusion turned out to be Yanni Ouahioune, a 22-year-old man, a notorious cheater in Rainbow Six Siege, known by the nickname "Y4nnOXX."

The French gamer allegedly orchestrated the police raid on Ubisoft's headquarters as revenge for the developers' imposition of a lifetime ban on his Rainbow Six account.

As reported by Complex, Ouahioune made the "anonymous" requests from his parents' home in France, after bouncing the call from Russian servers.

That's not all, as the man was still charged by a Paris court with DDoS attacks on government departments, as well as threatening the developers of the game Minecraft.

According to information accessed by Dexerto, Ouahioune has been receiving psychological help for many years.

The described story is not the first time that a "witty" player has been convicted of swatting. In 2019, a sentence of 15 months in prison for a similar offense was heard by a teenage Call of Duty: WWII player.

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