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press release Maiman 20 August 2018, 16:27

PlayStation 5 rumored to launch in late 2019

PlayStation 5 can debut as early as next year, Japanese analysts say. But if the demand turns out too high, the release date can be pushed – even to 2021.

PlayStation 5 rumored to launch in late 2019 - picture #1
One thing’s for sure – PlayStation 5 is now closer than it ever was.

Dreaming of getting your hands on PlayStation 5 already? Then pray to monolithic ceramic capacitors (or MLCC for short). Researchers at Ace Economic Research Institute in Osaka (Japan) arrived at a conclusion that Sony’s next big platform could make it underneath the Christmas trees all around the world in 2019. But it’s really up to MLCCs. More precisely – it depends if Sony gathers enough of those small capacitors to kick the production off and meet the demand.

MLCCs are commonly found in the majority of today’s high-tech devices. Unfortunately, they can’t just be mined, and as of now, they remain pretty scarce. Without MLCCs, there is no PlayStation 5. And while there is sure enough of them to fuel the production of PS5 devkits, we’ll probably have to wait a little longer until the consoles make their way to our living rooms.

PlayStation 5 rumored to launch in late 2019 - picture #2
PlayStation 4 still performs, so many think that it’s too early for a “sequel.”

When does PlayStation 5 launches, then?

There exist a few theories trying to predict PlayStation 5’s release window. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 2019 – Should everything go better than expected, Hideki Yasuda’s of Ace Economic Research Institute prognosis may turn out true and we might see the console debuting in late 2019.
  • 2020 – Michael Pachter and Mat Piscatella (analysts associated with the NPD-Group) concluded that early-to-mid 2020 is the right (and most likely) time for PS5 to drop.
  • 2021 and onwards – Also called the “Pessimist’s dream,” 2021 release date is what the Wall Street Journal analyst is betting his money on.

Worst case scenario: 3 years of preparation. Which is still not bad, considering how many more great exclusives PlayStation 4 may receive in between.

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