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News video games 26 February 2021, 20:12

author: Filip Wegrzyn

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes Announced. New Pokemon Games Revealed

At a presentation to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon brand, remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for NDS console were announced. That's not all, we've also seen a trailer for an open-world Pokemon game, and a sequel to Pokemon Snap.

It's been nearly 15 years since the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released on Nintendo DS. Despite their age, they have a sizable fanbase who has been clamoring for the return of 4th-gen Pokemon games and it looks like their pleas have been heard by Nintendo. Along with the end of this year, the Nintendo Switch will see the release of remakes of the 2007 games, titled Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The announcement of the said games took place during the presentation on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the franchise. In the trailer we can see the revamped version of Diamond and Pearl in 3D. Cute pocket monsters, charming characters and colorful visuals are sure to appeal to fans of the original games and the younger audience. According to chief operating officer of The Pokemon Company Takato Utsunomiya, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl will be faithfully recreated.

The game is being developed by studio ILCA in collaboration with Junichi Masuda, who supervised work on the original games. At the same show, we also received information that Game Freak, the original developer of the aforementioned Pokemon games, is working on another title set in the Pokemon universe, this time titled Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which will feature an open world where, as with Diamond and Pearl, we will explore the Sinnoh region. The release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is scheduled for 2022.

But this is not the end of new Pokemon games, because on April 30 a sequel to the classic N64 title Pokemon Snap will be released on Switch. The sequel will be called New Pokemon Snap.

Filip Wegrzyn

Filip Wegrzyn

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