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News 04 January 2019, 11:46

author: Adrian Werner

Pokemon GO earned almost $800 million in 2018

Turns out Pokemon GO is not quite dead yet. The game has recorded a 35% revenue increase compared to last year.

Pokemon GO earned almost $800 million in 2018 - picture #1
Pokemon GO caught a second wind.


  1. Developer: Niantic
  2. Publisher: The Pokemon Company
  3. Genre: RPG
  4. Platforms: iOS, AND
  5. Release date: 6 July 2016.

Pokemon GO was one of the biggest hits of 2016, but the popularity of the game significantly declined in time. However, the latest financial data show that the title is still a very real thing and, what is interesting, the production now boasts a significant increase in revenue.

This information comes from the report of the mobile app analytics group Sensor Tower. According to the report, Pokemon GO generated a revenue of 795 million dollars in 2018. This represents an increase of 35% compared to 2017. Last month, users spent $75 million in the game, 32% more than in December 2017.

The game fares best in the United States. This market accounted for 33% of last year's revenues, the same as in 2017. Japan's share rose from 20 to 25%. In total, since the launch of the game in July 2016, the players have spent $2.2 billion in Pokemon GO.

Last year turned out to be better for the game than 2017 mainly due to the increased pace of development. The authors introduced the third generation of pokemons, including more than 130 new creatures, and recently the first specimens from the fourth generation have also started to appear in the game. Another new feature was a weather system that affects the players' skills and the adventure sync function that calculates the distance travelled by the player even without the application turned on.

First of all, however, last year finally brought two elements that have been promised since the release. In summer, Pokemon GO received a system of trading the creatures between players, and in December, the option of fighting PvP battles against other trainers was added.

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