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News video games 18 January 2022, 15:08

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

PUBG Dev Unveils World Generation Tech Demo From His New Project

The developer of PUBG has presented a tech demo of its new project. It shows how the world may look like in the upcoming prologue.

  • Brendan Greene has shared footage from a tech demo of his new game;
  • It showcases a vast 64x64 km world;
  • The world was generated automatically by an AI.

A few months ago the news broke that the creator of PUBG left the ranks of Krafton, the game's publisher. Brendan Greene decided to fully focus on the activities of his own studio called PlayerUnknown Productions. For several years it has been working on an experimental game called prologue.

Over time, the developer has revealed that the game is to be an innovative title that takes players to a huge open world of unprecedented scope. AI is to be responsible for its design, which will automatically generate a map and then fill it with additional content. The artificial intelligence is to learn how to create better worlds, so that they would not be just vast and empty mock-ups.

Of course, these assumptions sound very ambitious, but they may raise doubts among some players. After all, Greene is not the first developer who promises that his work will be a revolution. However, the developer shared a video on Twitter, which may raise hopes that there is indeed an interesting and feasible idea behind the spectacular declarations .

The footage was recorded in a technical demo in early 2021. As you can see, even then the AI designed by PlayerUnknown Productions was able to create a natural-looking world with dimensions of 64x64 km. The huge map is filled with forests and hills that tempt us to explore them. The question is whether they really hide interesting, smaller locations.

It should be remembered that since then, the AI created by Greene's studio has probably undergone many modifications and improvements. So it is possible that the current effects its work are even better. However, we will find out about it only when the creators share more footage from the game.



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