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Maintenance in Railway Empire 2 Explained

Railway Empire 2 is a game about managing a small railway company in times of Industrial Revolution. In order to keep your firm functioning properly, make sure that your trains are well maintained.

Source: Gaming Minds Studios

After 5 years, Gaming Minds Studios has released a successor to their train tycoon. Railway Empire 2 is set in 1800s Industrial Revolution era where the player is put in a position of an owner of small railway company. The game is a simulation strategy which means that simply building tracks, trains and calling it a day won’t do. The title has implemented maintenance mechanic, about which you will learn more here.

Train condition in Railway Empire 2

After some time in use, your trains will start depleting their Condition. It is worth noting that different machines have distinct maintenance intervals and consumption. To check the vehicle’s state, click on it and look for a long bar at the bottom of the dialog window that will indicate its condition.

Maintenance in Railway Empire 2 Explained - picture #1
Train dialog menu with Condition bar highlighted

The longer the red bar, the worse the condition of the train is. The lower the percentage, the more prone the machine is to breakdowns and failures. To prevent this and make your transportation company as efficient as possible, your trains will have to be maintained.

Maintenance in Railway Empire 2

Trains’ maintenance is performed at any station that has the proper structure placed. To build it, select a station at which you would like to add the extension, click Construct Extension button in the top-left corner of the dialog window and select Maintenance Depot.

Maintenance in Railway Empire 2 Explained - picture #2
Maintenance depot extension on a station

The Maintenance Depot will be used by any train that arrives to the station. It will be automatically serviced as soon as the condition drops to about 60%.

There is one more way to perform your vehicle maintenance. There is a building called Maintenance Post that can be constructed next to a track. It is especially useful on longer routes without many stations along the way. You can build it by selecting it from a building menu.

Maintenance in Railway Empire 2 Explained - picture #3
Maintenance post that can be built next to a track to improve trains’ condition

Since Maintenance Post can improve your trains’ condition, it can prevent breakdowns and long traffic jams thus increasing efficiency. Keep in mind though that the post is winding up daily upkeep costs.

Supplies are as important as train condition. They are needed to keep the vehicle in good state. Those are respectively – water, sand, and oil. All of them are necessary for the machine to operate properly and without them the train will move significantly slower.

You can find their indicators for corresponding train by clicking at it and looking next to condition bar. Water is used on a daily basis; sand helps the vehicle to go uphill by increasing friction and oil lubricates the train parts. The amount of oil needed is dependent on the distance the machine has to travel. All of those materials can be restocked in a building called Supply Tower that you can build next to tracks. More beginner tips can be found here.

Maintenance in Railway Empire 2 Explained - picture #4
Supply Tower building in Railway Empire 2

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