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News video games 10 May 2021, 20:17

Resident Evil Village Causes Nausea in Some Players

It turns out that not only playing in VR may cause nausea. Similar effects were observed by players of Resident Evil Village. All because of the default field of view.

  • Some players feel nausea and headaches while playing Resident Evil Village;
  • All because of the limited field of view and other effects such as head bobbing;
  • A mod has already appeared online that changes the default FOV.

It has long been known that gamers can experience nausea when playing a game that use VR. This phenomenon has been called simulator sickness. However, it turns out that classic games can also affect viewers in a similar way. Now, the problem was encountered by people playing Resident Evil Village.

The reason for this turns out to be the default field of view (FOV) used in the game and an unstable camera. The FOV is locked by default at the value of only 81 degrees. The solution is to introduce greater feeling of claustrophobia and increase fear. The moving camera, in turn, is the so-called head bobbing, which imitates the real body movement of characters in FPP games.

Unfortunately, the latest installment of the iconic series lacks a setting that would enable us to change FOV. This causes problems for many players who shared their experiences e.g. on Reddit.

"Capcom made the FOV even more narrow than 7, which was capped at 90. There is this idea that adds to the claustrophobic experience but in my opinion it doesn’t add anything other than sickness and headaches."


"This game really made me feel like I was going to projectile vomit on my monitor after an hour of playing the demo."


"The game seems fun, but the FOV value is so low that it's hard to even see and make your way around. [...] It took me way longer to map out space just because I had to look through binoculars the entire time. So not only do I feel sick, it takes forever and I feel more sick because I'm constantly moving my camera because I have no peripheral vision. [...].


Fortunately, modders have already taken care of the problem. Mod Lazy FoV And Vignette Fix is available on NexusMods. It introduces to the game the ability to change the FOV and blur at the edges of the field of view. Since May 4, players have already downloaded the mod almost 18 thousand times, so the problem clearly affects a significant group of people.

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