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News video games 23 March 2024, 06:25

author: Michal Harat

Resident Evil 9 Potentially Expanding to Open World. Capcom Wants to Use Dragon’s Dogma 2 Tech

A popular industry informant has drawn attention to certain connections between the presumed Resident Evil 9, Dragon's Dogma 2, and Monster Hunter: Wilds. It's all about technology and fundamental assumptions.

Source: Capcom

Capcom released the long-awaited RPG Dragon's Dogma 2, which could tell us a lot about the studio's future games. A popular industry informant using the pseudonym Dusk Golem (AestheticGamer1 on X) drew attention to several connections between Resident Evil 9, currently being developed by the Japanese, Monster Hunter: Wilds, and the recently released DD2. He even suggests that the alleged new "Resident" may have an open world.

RE Engine is well-suited for developing open worlds

The latest installment of the series, excluding remakes, was released in 2021. The release of the nine installment is rumored to be in 2025, with its budget supposedly being the largest in the history of the series (via InsiderGaming). As Dusk Golem points out, the most important thing for Capcom is to preserve the "DNA" of a given brand. That's why Dragon's Dogma 2 is so similar to the first installment and the announced Monster Hunter: Wilds captures the spirit of World. The same approach should be applied in the case of a potential RE 9 - the foundation of the Japanese game is to provide what we like and respect about it.

In a post published on X, Dusk Golem noticed one more important detail - as shown by DD2, expanded with new functions, the RE Engine, on which Resident Evil 9 is probably being developed, is perfect for developing open worlds.

Resident Evil 9 Potentially Expanding to Open World. Capcom Wants to Use Dragon’s Dogma 2 Tech - picture #1

Source: AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem

Fans have correctly pointed out in the comments that this could mean that the rumored Resident Evil 9 will take us to an open world, thanks to the technology used in Dragon's Dogma 2. Such conclusions also arise from the suggestions of Dusk Golem, who noticed that Capcom has a habit of greenlighting three new ideas at once. For instance, he mentioned RE 7, RE 2, and DMC V, which all made use of the new engine at the time. The new "Dogma" is supposedly going to be in a trio with MH: Wilds and the nine installment of Resident Evil.

This would explain why we still have so little information about the game being discussed - implementing such tech and thoroughly overhauling the brand concept must take a lot of time.

It's worth noting that there are several concerned comments from players under Dusk Golem's post:

In my opinion, RE 9 being designed based on open world technology isn't good news -- wrote AveryCope.

I'm scared -- commented Ju.

Will the rumors, as is often the case, prove to be true in this instance? We will discover when Capcom announces the next installment of the iconic survival horror series.