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News video games 26 January 2024, 04:29

author: Adam Adamczyk

Rifles in Palworld Result of Boss' Persistence and Support of 20-year-old Hobby Animator

The ability to use firearms in Palworld is the result of the persistence of Pocketpair's studio president and the talent of a 20-year-old, who learned animation from videos on YouTube.

Source: Pocketpair

Palworld attracts attention with the contrast between its colorful world and guns. Using firearms can be an effective way to convince the encountered creature that our character should become their best friend. Introducing weapons to Palworld posed a significant challenge for the devs, but they managed to do so with the persistence of the CEO and the assistance of a hobbyist animator who worked in a grocery store.

A twenty-year-old saved guns in Palworld

CEO Takuro Mizobe shared the story of how firearms were introduced to Palworld in a post on the Pocketpair studio blog. As he noted, the Japanese aren't particularly focused on developing shooting games, so it was difficult to find someone capable of handling the animation of guns, rifles, and so on. Communication with a potential future employee would be hindered by the fact that no one in the studio spoke English fluently, making the idea of hiring someone from another country challenging.

While browsing Twitter, Takuro Mizobe discovered a profile of a person who was posting short videos featuring weapon animations. The creator of this videos was actually a twenty-year-old who makes this type of content as a hobby, learning everything from YouTube videos. The self-taught designer lacked any experience in game development and worked in a grocery store during the day.

A great advantage was also the fact that this young man spoke English perfectly - he learned the language by playing FPS games. The company hired him, and as a result, we can now derive disturbing satisfaction from using firearms against kittens, lambs, and other virtual creatures.

After finding a few videos of his on YouTube, at the time he was working part-time at a convenience store. Suddenly told by a small, unknown game company in Tokyo - we want to hire you as a full-time employee, so please come to Tokyo from Hokkaido. Normally people would suspect some kind of shady fraud.

- Takuro Mizobe, Pocketpair CEO

Takuro Mizobe also posted two videos demonstrating the animation of shooting and reloading rifles. You can watch the video below.

You'll find Palworld on Xbox Game Pass.

Palworld has already sold 8 million copies on Steam. The game is mainly played by the Chinese and Americans. The Pokemon Company is investigating whether Pocketpait used any objects from the Pokemon games in its title. Nintendo also closely monitors the blocking of mods and materials depicting famous creatures in the Palworld environment.

Adam Adamczyk

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