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News video games 26 February 2024, 01:37

author: Marcin Przala

Rise of the Ronin Impressive Combat with 3 Ancient Japanese Styles and Bloodborne Mechanics

The release of Rise of the Ronin is near, so the developers are revealing more cards about the game. This time, Team Ninja revealed details about the combat system, which draws from the studio's legacy, Japanese history, as well as other acclaimed works.

Source: Team Ninja

As the release of Rise of the Ronin is fast approaching, devs from Team Ninja studio have prepared another - over 9-minute - behind-the-scenes video (below). The game's combat system is thoroughly discussed.

From the attached video, accompanied by an entry on the official PlayStation blog, we learn that the combat system in Rise of the Ronin will draw heavily on the previous achievements of Team Ninja.

Not a revolution, but an evolution in the combat system

The developers decided to focus on different fighting styles, which can be compared to the stances known from NiOh and NiOh 2. According to the game's designers, the combat in Rise of the Ronin is expected to be more realistic than in the mentioned soulslike.

  • It's interesting that the primary methods of using melee weapons in the game are based on historical foundations. We will have the opportunity to use at least three fencing styles: Mumyo, Hokushin Itto, and Yagyu Shinkage, each representing distinct approaches to wielding weapons.
  • Our fighting style's effectiveness will depend on more than just the weapon we choose; it will also be affected by the bond system, which we can increase by completing missions alongside the characters we encounter in the story. This solution brings to mind the game Wo Long Fallen: Dynasty.
  • Interestingly, by undertaking these actions, we will be able to switch between the main character and his ally.
  • The upcoming game of Team Ninja will feature unique abilities for each weapon. In combat, we will use a grappling hook to pull ourselves toward an opponent or manipulate the environment.
  • We will also have a broad selection of firearms, bows, and melee weapons available.
  • Pistols, just like in Bloodborne, will be able to stun the opponent for a short time if we shoot at him at the right moment.
  • Choosing the appropriate fighting style for the situation will be crucial in clashes with enemies, making actions such as parrying easier for us.
  • In Rise of the Ronin, the Ki from NiOh will make a comeback, serving as an endurance mechanism - exhausting it will hinder our ability to take action. In turn, the enemy deprived of Ki will be vulnerable to critical attacks.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that Rise of the Ronin is a title exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console. The game, like Team Ninja's recent titles, can be played solo or in a cooperative mode with up to four players (co-op mode requires an active PS Plus subscription). The game is set to be released on March 22nd of this year.

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