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News video games 02 February 2016, 15:23

author: Adrian Werner

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is getting an extended edition

The team behind Shadowrun: Hong Kong is busy with other projects, but they're still getting us an extended edition of the game. Five hours of additional content plus audio commentary is definitely convincing to get us back to the game... and it's free!

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is getting an extended edition - picture #1
The developers are not yet ready to say goodbye to Shadowrun: Hong Kong so they will add some content to the game soon.

We have some good news to the fans of the cRPG series Shadowrun. The developers from Harebrained Schemes have just announced that they are working on the extended edition of their newest game – Shadowrun: Hong Kong. We still don’t know the exact release date, but all the owners of the game should be content with information that everyone will get the extended edition’s content as a part of a free update.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong – The Extended Edition will add some new plots, mission and characters to the game. All of that is supposed to add about 5 hours of gameplay. Most probably this is related to the mini-campaign that was announced during the Kickstarter campaign in 2014. It will be possible to complete the game with the audio commentary recorded by the developers who will share their insights and anecdotes related to the places we visit and characters we meet. The developers released a short audio sample that you can listen to right now. There will be over 100 minutes of audio commentary throughout the whole game.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong was release in August 2015. Unlike other installments in the series – Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall – the game was released only on PC. The creators decided that in order to implement all the ideas that they had, they can’t be restricted by lower specs and low RAM of the modern mobile devices.

The whole brand shows an atypical vision of the future where the common cyberpunk motifs like implants, powerful corporations and advanced virtual reality intertwine with fantasy elements like commonly known magic or non-human races. Shadowrun: Hong Kong offers a campaign that is set in the city of – no surprise here – Hong Kong, the future of which is everything but certain because of the supernatural force that devours everything on its way. Our task is obviously to stop that force.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is most probably the final installment in the series, at least for now. Harebrained Schemes is now finishing its work on Necropolis, and then they will focus on BattleTech. However, we there’s no doubt that sooner or later we will get a chance to get back to the universe of Shadowrun.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition

Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition