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News video games 27 July 2020, 19:51

author: Paul Wozniak

Sims 4 Devs Listened to Fan's Request to Enable Us Name Our Cow Plants

Fan of The Sims 4, who for years has been asking the creators to introduce the possibility of naming cow plants, finally lived to see this option implemented in the game. What's more, the devs prepared a small surprise for her and made the default plant name refer to her nickname.

Sims 4 Devs Listened to Fans Request to Enable Us Name Our Cow Plants - picture #1
The cow plants are not Sims-friendly.

One of the most popular The Sims 4 streamer, known as lilsimsie (also known as simzee), after many years of playing EA's game, lived to see the introduction of an element, for which she fought together with her community. This is about the possibility of giving names to the so-called cow plants. A few days ago Sims 4 received an update introducing this feature, and after some time the streamer realized that the developers prepared a small surprise for her. It turned out that these unusual plants now by default have a name referring directly to the girl - Little Simzee.

What are cow plants?

Cow plants are carnivorous plants that look like a cow's head. They are able to devour a Sim whole and can be given as a reward for professional achievements in the career of a Nature Researcher. The cow plants lure Sims with a cake placed at the end of their tongue. A plant that has eaten a human being can be milked and thus yield a special rejuvenating drink.

Lilsimsie (by the way, the girl's family name is Sims - coincidence? I think not) shared her impressions of the whole situation in a video. The streamer has been involved in the game for years, so much that it has in fact already become her way of life. She plays Sims every day and for a long time she hoped that the creators would finally let her name the cow plants. She didn't expect such a turn of events and said it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Last update: 2020-07-27

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