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News video games 18 August 2021, 13:37

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Skyrim's Iconic Intro Sequence was a Nightmare for Developers

It turns out that the opening sequence of Skyrim was a real nightmare for the developers. The source of the problems were inconspicuous bees.

  • Nate Purkeypile, a longtime Bethesda employee, revealed that the iconic opening sequence of Skyrim was a big problem for the developers;
  • This was because the cart the players were transported in was regularly shot into space;
  • The source of the problem were "inmovable" bees that sometimes got in the way.

The opening sequence of Skyrim is probably familiar not only to players who played the game. The sequence has us wake up on a wagon and slowly make our way to a small town. Although this fragment is short and doesn't seem too complicated, it had the creators pull hair out of their heads. Nate Purkeypile, who worked for Bethesda for many years, reminded us about this story on Twitter. It turns out that one of the main problems during the work on this section were... bees. The full story can be found in the following tweet.

So it seems that even the most inconspicuous elements of Skyrim were able to significantly affect its other features. While the story itself sounds funny, Purkeypile also said that it perfectly shows how complicated the process of creating a large open-world game is. Every fixed bug can lead to another bug that affects the game in unexpected ways.

In subsequent posts, Purkeypile also referenced another story involving bees in Skyrim. At one point, these insects were actually stalking any NPC or player who had honey in their inventory. So it made it seem as if the bees were trying to rob them. Considering the amount of funny problems that appeared in Bethesda's game, we can expect more similar stories in the future.

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