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News video games 23 March 2023, 17:04

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Sony Hailed as Best Publisher of 2022 According to Metacritic

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been named the best publisher of 2022 on Metacritic. Despite the impressive result, the Japanese company failed to beat last year's performance by Microsoft.

As it does every year, Metacritic has summarized the performance of video game publishers over the previous year, based on some key data. This time, Microsoft, the last year's winner, had to surrender the crown to its biggest competitor.

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment, with 338.4 points and an average game rating of 85.6/100, leads the list for 2022.. The Japanese company beat such market giants as Paradox, Capcom, Take-Two Interactive and Activision Blizzard.
  • However, the company from the Land of the Rising Sun failed to beat Microsoft's previous results. Recall that the Americans scored 346 points in 2021, and their games received an average score of 87.4/100.
  • In the current ranking, we won't find the Redmond giant.. Given that Microsoft has had a not very successful 2022, its absence from the list is not particularly surprising.
  • Sony's victory over Microsoft had several contributors, including, God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and Stray. All of these games have received great acclaim from gamers and critics alike.

Top 10 game publishers in 2022 according to Metacritic (in order from best to worst)

A total of 45 publishers were scored this year. PlayWay/Ultimate Games rounds out the group. Low on the list we find Electronic Arts. The company was ranked 17th. In turn, this is how the TOP 10 looks like:

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment (15 rated titles, average score 85.6) - 338.4 points
  • Paradox Interactive (6 rated titles, average score of 81.8) - 322.7 points
  • Activision Blizzard (10 rated titles, average score 76.5) - 304.8 points
  • Focus Entertainment (39 rated titles, average score 80.0) - 304.5 points
  • Take-Two Interactive (35 rated titles, average score 78.9) - 304.0 points
  • Capcom (16 titles rated, average score 78.6) - 299.2 points
  • Sega (34 rated titles, average score 79.3) - 294.6 points
  • Annapurna Interactive (12 rated titles, average score 79.2) - 293.8 points
  • Humble Games (22 rated titles, average score 76.8) - 287.9 points
  • Devolver Digital (25 rated titles, average score 78.3) - 285.5 points

You can read the full ranking here.

How was the list created?

The point scores shown next to each publisher were calculated based on the following data:

  • the average score of games released and rated in 2022 - maximum 150 points; 1.5 x average (Metascore);
  • the number of good games (with an average rating of at least 75/100) expressed as a percentage - maximum 100 points;
  • the number of bad items (with an average rating of at least 49/100) expressed as a percentage - a maximum of 100 points (the fewer such titles, the higher the score);
  • the number of excellent games (with an average rating of at least 90/100) - 5 points for each.

It is worth mentioning that only companies that have released at least five games (excluding mobile platforms) were eligible for the list.

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