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Horizon Forbidden West (PS5 cover
Game Box forHorizon Forbidden West (PS5)

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn 2, HZD2

Continuation of Horizon Zero Dawn, an action adventure action game with a TPP view from Guerrilla Games studio. Players return to the postapocalyptic world, dominated by mechanical creatures.

Action | TPP | science fiction | Post Apocalypse | sandbox | RPG elements | action adventure | PlayStation exclusive titles

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date

18Feb2022in 23days


Horizon: Forbidden West is a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn - a bestselling action game with an open world and RPG elements, released in 2017. The game was developed by the Dutch studio Guerrilla Games, i.e. the authors of the original, and at the same time the creators of the popular FPS series under the title Killzone.


The action of Horizon 2 takes place after the events presented in the previous game of the studio. In the postapocalyptic world balance is restored and people, animals and machines try to coexist. The idyll didn't last long, however, as a new danger appeared on the horizon in the form of a mysterious plague threatening all living creatures. Confronted with it, the main character - Aloy - has to embark on a long and dangerous journey to the west of America.

Locations and weapons

In Horizon 2: Forbidden West the action is presented from a third person perspective (TPP). As before, the authors give us a vast world at our disposal. On the map we can find densely overgrown terrains, frosty wastelands, sandy desert and countless ruins of the old civilization, including the remains of San Francisco. The land can be traversed on foot or on the backs of selected machines. Exploration is made easier with new tools in Aloy's toolbox and new equipment features from the first game. Focus can now point to places where the girl can climb, the Pullcaster - a rope with a hook - allows the protagonist to quickly reach high places and easily jump between platforms, while thanks to the Shieldwing - a kind of energy parachute - jumping from great heights is no longer a challenge for her. Another new feature is the ability to dive, aided by a special mask that allows Aloy to descend to great depths.

The driving force of the game are quests pushing the story forward, accompanied by numerous missions and side activities. As before, dynamic battles with enemies play an important role. Both hostile humans (led by the warrior Tenakth tribe, whose members have discovered a way to tame even the largest robots) and machines stand in our way. The last include previously unseen land machines (like the Clawstriders, which can be used by Aloy as mounts, or the mammoth-like Tremortusks), air machines (Sunwings) or underwater machines (the giant Snapmaw or the slightly smaller but also dangerous Burrower). Enemies are eliminated not only by using familiar tools of murder, such as the bow, spear and various traps, but also by using new weapons (such as grenades, which cover targets in glue that slows down their movements). There's also the option to silently eliminate enemies or use heavy cannons that fall off larger machines in the heat of battle.

As we progress, we gain experience, level up and unlock new skills. In addition, Aloy's potential is increased by acquiring more and better equipment and by upgrading what you already have, based on the crafting system.

HZD2 works on the basis of Decima technology, which powered the first part of the series. The engine, however, has been heavily modified to provide the highest quality graphics. Character animations and facial expressions have been tweaked, vegetation has been reworked and machine models have been given more detail.

Game mode: single player  

Media type: 96 GB

Expectations: 5.6 / 10 based on 2077 votes.

Age restrictions Horizon Forbidden West: 16+

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