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News hardware & software 10 February 2020, 12:38

author: Adrian Werner

Sony Patents System That Will Help Us Complete Games - Perhaps on PS5

Sony has obtained a patent for a hint system to analyze gameplay of the player and other users, and then provide advice to help them succeed in games.

We don't know if the patented system will be available on PlayStation 5.

The game industry is constantly looking for new ways to make money. Sony has demonstrated considerable ingenuity by patenting an idea for a system that is to analyze our gameplay and use the information to generate hints, including those provided as microtransactions. However, contrary to what many websites write, this solution does not mean paying for advice. These are to be free of charge and also include tactics available without additional expenses.

In the patent application we can read that nowadays games offer more and more items, including those available in virtual shops. Players rely on the advice of other users, but these are not always accurate. Sony wants to offer an alternative and make some money.

The system is to use machine learning to analyze our skills and gameplay style.

The patented system would analyze game data and how we deal with various challenges. It would compare this with information about the actions taken other players and use the comparison to suggest specific tactics or items. In this way, we would get more accurate advice, matching our gameplay style.

Players could receive assistance by asking, for example, how to beat a particular boss, or how to increase the frequency of wins in the multiplayer, and in response they would get much more detailed information than the general advice available online. Of course, some of the hints would include items and improvements purchased through microtransactions Other suggestions would give the player free solutions. Nothing stands in the way of the patent being used, for example, in game completely devoid of virtual shops.

It is worth noting that the mere existence of a patent does not mean that the system will be implemented in PlayStation 5. It only shows the ideas that appear in Sony's games department.

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