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Polish Man Faces Nearly 9,000 Charges For Selling Multiple Game Accounts Access

Milosz Szubert, 05 February 2020, 21:50

A 24-year-old inhabitant of Poland has received nearly 9 thousand charges of illegal distribution of games. His idea was to buy digital versions of the games and then resell access to the account to many people.

Phil Spencer: Amazon and Google Are the Competition, Not Sony or Nintendo

Jacob Blazewicz, 05 February 2020, 19:29

Phil Spencer doesn't consider Sony and Nintendo as Microsoft's main competitors in the coming years. According to the head of Xbox department, the company will rather compete with Google and Amazon, and not with hardware but with game streaming services.

The Mandalorian Season 2 in October, Possible Spin-offs

Adrian Werner, 05 February 2020, 19:26

The CEO of Disney announced that the second season of the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series will premiere in October this year. Spin-offs are also being considered. In addition, we found out when we can expect the premieres of The Falcon & the Winter Soldier and WandaVision.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Teaser - Anthony Mackie as Takeshi Kovacs

Milosz Szubert, 05 February 2020, 19:21

Netflix released a teaser for the second season of Altered Carbon, based on Richard Morgan's science fiction novel series. All eight episodes will debut on February 27.

Changes in GeForce Now; There Will be a Paid Subscription [Updated]

Bart Swiatek, 05 February 2020, 19:06

It appears that Nvidia is planning to make changes to GeForce Now. The company intends to introduce a paid subscription, which will offer additional options - including ray tracing in games. Free accounts will be subject to greater restrictions than during ongoing beta-tests.

Google Messes Up; Private Videos Sent to Wrong Users

Laty, 05 February 2020, 15:34

Google recently informed its customers that in November last year those who requested a backup of their files may have receive videos belonging to other users.

Even Sony Doesn't Know the Price of PS5 Yet

Bart Swiatek, 05 February 2020, 12:59

An excerpt from the conference summarizing Sony's quarterly financial results suggests that even the Japanese company doen't yet know how much the PlayStation 5 console will cost.

MediEvil 2 Remake Possible? Composer Gives Hope

Bart Swiatek, 05 February 2020, 12:43

Andrew Barnabas, composer of game music from the MediEvil series, has published several tweets which suggest that the remake of the first part sold better than anticipated. In his opinion, the creation of a refreshed version of the second game is not impossible, although no decisions have been made yet.

Door Kickers 2 - Tactical SpecOp Game Gets a Trailer

Adrian Werner, 05 February 2020, 12:38

KillHouse Games released the first trailer of Door Kickers 2: Task Force North. The trailer consists mainly of gameplay fragments, which gives us a good idea of what the project will offer.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Fundraiser Successful in a Flash

Bart Swiatek, 05 February 2020, 12:22

Owlcat Games Studio has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for the RPG called Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. The required amount of $300,000 was collected in just a few hours.

Sony Shuts Down the Studio Responsible for PS VR Games

Adrian Werner, 05 February 2020, 12:10

Sony announced that it will soon dissolve the Manchester Studio devteam, which was established in 2015 to create VR games.

Dan Houser, Co-creator of GTA, Leaves Rockstar Games

Peter Doron, 05 February 2020, 11:58

On March 11 2020, Dan Houser, co-founder of the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises, will leave the ranks of Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, the reasons for this surprising decision were not revealed.

Castlevania Season 3 in March

Michael Kulakowski, 05 February 2020, 11:52

The producers of Netflix's Castlevania confirmed that its third season will debut in early March. A total of ten new half-hour episodes will await the fans of Trevor Belmont's adventures.