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News video games 23 June 2022, 18:10

author: Michal Ciezadlik

Source 2 in CS:GO Closer Than We Think? Streamer Spilled the Beans

The transition of CS:GO to a new graphics engine has been speculated about for years. If the words of a streamer with strong ties to Valve's shooter are to be believed, we can expect the Source 2 announcement soon.

Photo: Steam Community

News of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finally getting a new graphics engine from Valve - Source 2 - have appeared on average every couple of months, but the developers have been reluctant to upgrade one of their most profitable games.

Despite this, every new information about the highly anticipated Source 2 meets with a lively reaction from the community. Perhaps soon its expectations will be fulfilled - clues to this have been provided by a popular streamer associated with CS:GO - WarOwl.

Controlled leak?

During one of his recent broadcasts on streamer admitted that in August, we will see "the Source update everyone's been waiting for". WarOwl was quick to refute that he may have said something that shouldn't have, commenting on his own words: "I shouldn't have said that."

Of course, one swallow does not make a summer, or rather: one streamer does not make an engine update, but these words can be interpreted in many ways.

  • Version 1: The streamer actually knows something about Valve's work on the new engine; this knowledge has been entrusted to him in secret, and he actually spilled the beans on live chat by accident.
  • Version 2: WarOwl's statement is part of a controlled leak by Valve to tease the fans. Given the long wait for a major update to CS:GO (more on that later), one can hope that there is indeed "something big" waiting for players in August.
  • Version 3: The streamer was merely teasing the audience and his statement was a joke.

CS before the storm

Several clues point to the fact that Valve will indeed be surprising everyone soon (maybe in August). Fans point out that three days ago the official website of CS:GO featured an intriguing post that has now disappeared.

Source 2 in CS:GO Closer Than We Think? Streamer Spilled the Beans - picture #1
Source: Twitter

When asked what it meant, the developers left only a laconic answer:

In addition, players point out two interesting aspects. First, this year marks the tenth anniversary of the release of CS:GO. We can assume that Valve is preparing something big for this occasion.

"The only reason I'm hopeful about this [WarOwl's statement - ed. note] is because August 21st is the exact anniversary of the official launch of CS:GO and it would make sense for Valve to do something to celebrate," Reddit user lurmomgayl writes.

Secondly, the developers have yet to grace the players with a major update this year, so it is very likely that this time will come soon, as mentioned in a thread on Reddit by a user TheOneNotNamed.

"[...] Valve has released almost no updates this year, aside from a few significant bug fixes and weapon balancing. Others are simply uploading changes to community maps. So it's safe to say that they're working on something bigger, but whether or not it will be Source 2 is another question."

Well, it seems that players have nothing left to do but wait until August. Let's hope that they will get something they will be happy with (even if it won't be Source 2). Valve has so far been able to get away with its tardiness, but even the most patient of audiences may eventually become frustrated with the lack of new content.

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