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News Files and Mods 27 April 2023, 15:09

author: Adrian Werner

STALKER Gamma is Now Even Better; Unbelievable Transformation of a Classic

The excellent fan project called S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: G.A.M.M.A has received version 0.9. It brings many gameplay improvements and a lot of interesting new features.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: G.A.M.M.A. which is one of the hottest mods of last year, has lived to see a new version. It has been marked with the number 0.9 and brings many new features.

  1. The behavior of NPCs has been improved - they move around the game world more efficiently and recover faster after being stunned. These changes are beneficial, as they ensure that companions traveling with us will no longer be left behind.
  2. The appearance of grass has been improved.
  3. The mod now activates the Reshade package as standard, beautifying the graphics.
  4. The Zone has been filled with collectibles. This is another good change, as before there was actually no good reason to search every location and building.
  5. The player's PDA now shows information about available assignments.
  6. An auto-loot system has been implemented, automatically collecting items from enemies. It can be fully configured so that the character picks up only what we want, or that it automatically breaks down items for parts, for example.
  7. The realism of the crafting system has been increased - now, before creating an item, you have to find a relevant blueprint or buy it.
  8. In addition, the crafting of medical items has been thoroughly reworked, so that it is more profitable to create and upgrade them ourselves instead of buying them from merchants.
  9. Two new weapons have been added - the M37 shotgun in five variants and the Ace 52 rifle, and several available guns have been redesigned.
  10. New starter item sets have been implemented and ammunition balance has been changed.
  11. Radioactivity on the map has been redesigned - reduced in many places to make it more realistic; for example, brief contact with irradiated water will not immediately end in a character's death.
  12. Many of the mutants have become more resistant to damage, although this does not apply to their heads, so headshots have become crucial for survival. In addition, the textures of mutant dogs have been improved.

G.A.M.M.A is a modification to the fan-made S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly, which is technically a mod for Call of Pripyat, but takes the form of a standalone free game. This means to use the project G.A.M.M.A., we do not need to own any of the official installments of the series.

The purpose of G.A.M.M.A thoroughly improves Anomaly. With the mod, the game gains a better balance, more elaborate survival mechanics and more interesting gameplay mechanics, such as item gathering, crafting, cooking and equipment repair. The whole game was developed to emphasize careful and slow exploration, but this is not at the expense of smooth gameplay.

The mod also improves the interface, introduces many new elements, refreshes the economy and improves graphics. All in all, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: G.A.M.M.A simply makes Anomaly a better game in every respect.

  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: G.A.M.M.A. - download mod
  2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: G.A.M.M.A. on Github.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

A true veteran of the Gamepressure newsroom, writing continuously since 2009 and still not having enough. He caught the gaming bug thanks to playing on his friend's ZX Spectrum. Then he switched to his own Commodore 64, and after a short adventure with 16-bit consoles, he forever entrusted his heart to PC games. A fan of niche productions, especially adventure games, RPGs and games of the immersive sim genre, as well as a mod enthusiast. Apart from games, he devourers stories in every form - books, series, movies, and comics.