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NMS Interceptor Update - Corrupted Planets Explained

Damian Gacek, 05 April 2023, 18:07

In this guide we will tell you everything about Corrupted worlds in No Man’s Sky. Read this article to learn more about Interceptor update.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Expecting a Ton of Novelties Along With DLC [Update]

Agnes Adamus, 05 April 2023, 16:28

Creative Assembly has revealed details of Mirror of Madness DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3. It reveals that we'll be getting quite a substantial content boost.

Salt Gun and Voodoo Doll in Demonologist - Everything You Need to Know

Agnes Adamus, 05 April 2023, 15:42

In Demonologist you can use such tools as Salt Gun and Voodoo Doll. In this guide you will learn what both are used for.

SpaceBourne 2 Guide - Tips and Tricks

Adam Adamczyk, 05 April 2023, 14:46

In SpaceBourne 2 you will find a lot of interesting mechanics and opportunities. We have described for you the best tips and tricks concerning the game.

Cities: Skylines 2' Devs Highlight Two Things Sequel Won't Have

Adam Celarek, 05 April 2023, 14:40

Cities: Skylines 2 has sparked the imagination of many fans. Devs at Colossal Order answer some questions plaguing the community.

Harvester's Path in Meet Your Maker - Tips and Tricks

Damian Gacek, 05 April 2023, 14:20

In this guide we will present you key information about harvester and its path. Learn more about Meet Your Maker with our article.

Heads Up for City Builder Fans: Two Exciting Games Launching on Steam Today

Adrian Werner, 05 April 2023, 14:14

Today the games NecroCity and TerraScape, two promising productions in the city-builder category, will debut on Steam.

Crusader Kings 3 Getting Curved Mustache; Massive DLC is Coming

Adam Celarek, 05 April 2023, 13:07

The popular strategy game Crusader Kings III will get a number of novelties this year. The largest of the expansions will take the player on a long journey through the kingdom.

Space Prison is an Upcoming Tactical Survival Game in Space

Adrian Werner, 05 April 2023, 12:23

Wooden Alien is working on Space Prison, a tactical survival game set in a space prison.

Border Patrol Simulator Goes Big on Steam; PlayWay Shows Numbers

Adrian Werner, 05 April 2023, 11:49

Publisher PlayWay and devs at Crazy Rocks have reasons to be pleased - the sales results of Contraband Police are impressive.

Sony Hurts Xbox in Japan, US Politicians Claim [Update]

Wiktor Szczesny, 05 April 2023, 11:31

For many months we have been watching the dispute between Microsoft and Sony unfold. The Japanese oppose the merger of the Redmond giant with Activision Blizzard for fear of it monopolizing the game market. Meanwhile, U.S. politicians are drawing attention to an interesting aspect of the issue.

The Last of Us PC Fixing in Progress [Update: New Hotfix and Drivers]

Sonia Selerska, 05 April 2023, 11:26

Problems with The Last of Us Part 1 on PC are gradually being fixed, but new complications are also emerging. Naughty Dog shares a plan of action.

Tools in Demonologist; Ouija Board and More

Damian Gacek, 05 April 2023, 11:15

There are many useful tools in Demonologist. Some are ordinary, like a flashlight, some are not, like a Ouija Board or Voodoo Doll. In this guide we present them all.

DBD Codes - Get Meet Your Maker Skins

Damian Gacek, 05 April 2023, 10:52

If you want to read about DBD and Meet Your Maker cross-over, you are in a good place. What is more, we have some codes for you.

Prestige in Meet Your Maker; How to Watch Replays

Damian Gacek, 05 April 2023, 00:12

Prestige is one of the core mechanics in Meet Your Maker. In this guide we will tell about it. What is more, we will inform you how to watch replays.