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News video games 06 August 2021, 00:24

Breaking Bad Lab Recreated in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley doesn't have much in common with Breaking Bad. However, it was the series that inspired the layout of a shed prepared by certain player.

  • One of the players recreated the shack known from Breaking Bad in Stardew Valley;
  • We are talking about the laboratory, which was used by the show's protagonists;
  • The player prepared it, by arranging his shed.

Stardew Valley is a game that enables us to indulge in the relaxing expansion of a farm we inherited. The charming sandbox seems about as far removed from narcobusiness as you can get. One gamer, however, felt that the two somehow fit together and decided to bring an element familiar from Breaking Bad to Concerned Ape's game. It's about the laboratory, of course, in which the main characters of the show "cooked" meth.

User oOHITMANOo published a picture of his creation on Reddit. As you can see, he transformed the shed into a place that could be used for much more sinister purposes than storing tools. In the comment he revealed that he had submitted this project in a contest in which players presented their versions of such buildings. Unfortunately, he didn't win. Some players said that perhaps the jury simply never watched the show.

We must admit that such a change of style required from the author a lot of creativity. He had to choose the appropriate elements of design, which would fit into the meth lab. This is not easy in the case of a game that is based on the development of a farm, not a research center. Some of the items used by oOHITMANOo are so rare that they caused consternation among players, who asked in the comments what they actually are. However, the result of his work looks very interesting, which is confirmed by the good reception from other Reddit users.

Przemyslaw Dygas

Przemyslaw Dygas

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