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News video games 15 August 2022, 14:42

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Steam Made it Easier to Add Free Games

One small change on Steam has greatly pleased the players, who can finally add free games and DLCs to their collections quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes a minor improvement can stir up a lot of excitement. Such is the case with a small fix on Steam related to free games and content.

As noted by Internet users, Valve has made a minor change in the latest update to its platform. Previously, with free games, DLCs, etc., users had to start installing the item right away. Now Steam enables users to add free items to their collections without installing them immediately.

Steam Made it Easier to Add Free Games - picture #1

Adding free games on Steam will now go much more smoothly.

At first glance, this may seem like a small thing. Yes, gamers may have been annoyed that just adding a free game to the Steam collection meant that you had to burden your computer's resources with the installation. On top of that, once the process was complete, the only option was to launch the item in question. Nevertheless, it was enough to stop the installation before it was over.

More annoying was the issue of free DLCs. In many games, attempting to install a DLC forced the launch of the app in question, if it itself was already installed. So if you were interested in adding, for example, one of a dozen free cosmetic item packs to Monster Hunter: World (or the six extras for Dying Light 2), Steam included that game when installing each of them.

The latter problem is probably the main reason why Internet users welcomed this small change with great enthusiasm. Enough to take a look at the thread on Reddit.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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