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News video games 14 September 2022, 13:07

author: Jakub Tarchala

Stellar Blade (Ex-Project Eve) Looks Impressive and is Coming to PS5

Stellar Blade (formerly: Project Eve), an action adventure game combining elements of NieR: Automata and God of War, finally got a trailer and detailed information. Gamers are delighted.

Announced last September, Project Eve has finally lived to see the reveal of some details. Yesterday, studio Shift Up revealed that the game will be officially titled Stellar Blade and will be aimed at fans of NieR: Automata and God of War.

A beautiful game about saving humanity

During the State of Play a trailer lasting 2 minutes and 45 seconds was released, showing the game's highlights - background of events, characters, graphics and combat.

The trailer shows the story of Eve and her companions, who land in the city of Xion - the last populated place on a desolate Earth - in order to save the remnants of humanity. The team meets other heroes on their way, including a survivor named Adam and the former city manager Orcal. In order to fulfill her mission to save Earth, Eve will have to establish close relationships with key members of Xion.

The trailer also shows fragments of gameplay. Combat will be a mix of combos, dodging and powerful skills. Our antagonists will be NA:tives - oversized monsters incapable of human feelings. The game is expected to offer clashes with bosses, in which, according to the description appropriate tactics will be important.

The title is being developed on Unreal Engine (probably the fourth version of the technology used to power Project Eve so far) and arouses admiration with its visuals. Especially since a young studio with little experience is working on the game. The developers are still filling in staff shortages, which could be a great opportunity for designers or artists.

The community is delighted

The announcement and the trailer were warmly received by the gamers. On Twitter users praise above all the beautiful graphics.

There are also voices of joy from players who can't wait for the game's release.

Players on Reddit also look favorably on the game, although not all users liked the new name.

Stellar Blade (Ex-Project Eve) Looks Impressive and is Coming to PS5 - picture #1

Developers of Stellar Blade did not specify the exact release date. However, we know that the game will debut in 2023 and will be a console exclusive for the PS5. This information does not rule out a PC version in the future.

Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade

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