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News video games 28 July 2022, 16:12

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Stray Speedrun Tips - How to Get 'I Am Speed' Achievement

In Stray you can get an achievement that will be a substitute for speedrunning experience. Here you will learn how to accomplish it.

Stray is not a game where you will spend a lot of time. Completing the title takes about in total 5 hours. However, the developers clearly encourage us to reduce this time even further.

The game features an achievement named "I am Speed", which is a substitute for a speedrunning experience. Below you will find information on how to get it and what it entails.

Stray - how to unlock the "I am Speed" achievement.

The achievement "I am Speed" comes with only one requirement. You will unlock it if you manage to complete Stray in two hours or less. So you need to go through the game roughly 2.5 times faster than the standard.

Of course, this means that you will definitely not be able to get it on the first attempt. The absolute basic requirement to be able to unlock the achievement is a thorough knowledge of the game.

Your first step should therefore be to take your time through Stray, unhurriedly. Thoroughly traverse all the locations and try to remember how to get past the game's individual stages.

Knowledge of each level is your greatest ally. In addition to completing the game on your own you can also prop yourself up by watching gameplays posted online.

What to keep in mind when trying to get the achievement

Familiarizing yourself with the levels in Stray is one thing, but it is also worth remembering some specific tips that will make your task easier. Their list can be found below.

  1. Make a note of the two codes you will need during the game: the code for the door on The Flat level - 3748; the code for Doc's hidden room - 2511.
  2. Skip cutscenes and avoid unnecessary conversations. They also take time, which will make your task more difficult.
  3. It is better to give yourself some time and avoid opponents rather than interacting with them. Each death and backtracking to a checkpoint is definitely a bigger waste of precious minutes.
  4. Nevertheless, do not be discouraged in case you experience a couple of deaths. 2 hours is actually quite a lot of time and you can make it even with a few stumbles.
  5. Collect story items even before you receive a relevant task. By writing down or memorizing where items such as a Poncho for Elliott or a jacket and helmet for Blazer are located, you will save a lot of time.
  6. Avoid extra content. The "I am Speed" achievement is all about speed, so focus only on beating the main storyline.

When sticking to all the tips listed above and having experience in playing Stray you should not have any problems with getting the achievement.



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