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Stray Guide, Walkthrough

Stray Guide, Walkthrough

Meow Stray guide is a complete walkthrough of the game and Begginer's Guide, tips for exploration, stealth, puzzles. We describe secrets, finds, trophies, does the cat die, are there living people, system requirements, keybinds.

Last update: 01 August 2022

The Stray game guide describes in detail the adventures of a homeless cat from the cyberpunk world created by Blue Twelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive. You will find solutions and descriptions of all puzzles and other difficult moments, and learn how to explore the game world in 100%.

Stray: Guide's content

The biggest part of our Stray guide is the detailed walkthrough. There, you will find solutions to all environmental puzzles. Solving them may be necessary to advance in the story or gain access to optional locations. In addition, the walkthrough also describes other difficult parts of the game related to, for example, escaping groups of monsters or sneaking. The guide also includes information about the game's ending.

In addition to the walkthrough, you can find an extensive chapter dedicated to secrets and collectibles which require more thorough exploration. You will learn about the location of secret objects and their uses - this knowledge will allow you to complete the game in 100%.

In the chapter about the basics of the game you will find, among others, tips and tricks for sneaking, escaping monsters or exploring the world. We have also prepared a FAQ section where you will learn, among others, whether you can die in Stray and whether there are living people in the game.

Our Trophy Guide for Stray contains information on how to unlock all achievements and get the platinum trophy. The main pages of the guide are complemented by a number of smaller ones - they concern, e.g. controls, PC system requirements, accessibility options, or how long it takes to complete Stray.

Stray: Quick beginners' guide

  1. Look for interactive climbing spots. In Stray, you can only jump up or down where the climbing icon appears. As a result, look for these areas to reach rooftops and higher ledges. There may be collectibles or new pathways on upper levels.
  2. In locations with zurks, make use of dash. You can easily avoid these monsters by changing the direction of your run. When it comes to avoiding their jump attacks, run zig-zag. If caught by a zurk, quickly press the interaction button to avoid being eaten.
  3. Look for objects and characters to interact with. All available interactions are signalized by button icon that appears as you approach them, but some of them (like translating text or using a keyboard to input a code) are performed by your companion, the B-12 robot. .
  4. You can give items from your inventory to NPCs. This is performed by opening your inventory during the conversation and selecting the chosen item. This comes into play in certain situations, e.g. when you want to push the story forward.
  5. You don't need to explore the whole slums right away. As this is the first semi-open location in the game, which contains both story and side activities. The slums are once again revisited in the further part of the game, and you can pick up the activities you missed on the first visit.

More tips regarding the basic mechanics can be found on a dedicated page - Beginners' guide.

Stray: All stages, walkthrough

Our guide to Stray contains a complete walkthrough that explains all the mandatory steps related to, e.g. solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles or avoiding various threats.

  1. Behind the Wall - This is the first chapter in which you will travel with other cats and learn the basics of climbing.
  2. Dead City - This is the second chapter in which, apart from visiting the eponymous city, you run away from Zurks for the first time.
  3. The Flat - This is the third chapter in which you complete more complex puzzles involving activating the B-12 drone and getting out of the building.
  4. The Slums - This is the fourth chapter in which you can freely explore the slums and meet friendly robots.
  5. Rooftops - This is the fifth chapter in which you have to climb over the rooftops, avoid Zurks and reach the radio tower.
  6. The Slums Part 2 - Return to the slums in chapter six, which involves meetings with other robots, e.g. Seamus. It also includes new puzzles.
  7. Dead End - This is the seventh chapter in which you have to reach the sewers and avoid Zurks.
  8. The Sewers - This is the eighth chapter in which you will have to make a cross through the sewers occupied by monsters.
  9. Antvillage - This is the ninth chapter in which you visit a village inhabited by friendly machines.
  10. Midtown - This is the tenth largest chapter with a huge urban area and a factory where you have to sneak a lot.
  11. Jail - This is the eleventh chapter in which you have to sneak again and reach the exit from the prison with your companions.
  12. Control Room - This is the final, twelfth chapter, the completion of which will lead to the ending scene.
  13. Ending - We have described the only available ending, which explains what happens to the cat and B-12 the drone (watch out for major spoilers!).

Stray: Secrets and collectibles

In Stray, besides doing the main activities, you can also find various secrets. Our guide lists the available collectibles and tells you where to find them.

B-12 Memories

  1. Key information about memories - This page explains what memories are, how to find this type of collectible and track your progress.
  2. The Flat - In stage 3, there is 1 memory to discover.
  3. The Slums - Chapter 4 contains as many as 7 unlockable memories. You can also look for them when you return here in Chapter 6.
  4. Rooftops - Stage 5 hides 3 of B-12's memories.
  5. Dead End - In Chapter 7, you can locate 3 memories.
  6. The Sewers - In stage 8, there are 2 memories waiting to be unlocked.
  7. Antvillage - In chapter 9, you can get 2 memories.
  8. Midtown - Stage 10 allows you to get as many as 7 memories.
  9. Jail - In stage 11, you will find 1 memory.
  10. Control Room - The final chapter 12 contains the last 1 memory.

Other secrets - Badges and Sheet Music

  1. Sheet Music - Found in Slums (stages 4 and 6). There are 8 pieces of sheet music to unlock and you have to deliver them to Morusque the musician.
  2. Badges - These are received for completing activities, such as helping one of the robots or finding a hidden room.

Stray: Puzzle solutions

Stray contains various puzzles which solving may prove to be difficult. To address that, we prepared a dedicated chapter offering detailed walkthroughs for all major puzzles. Visit it to receive step-by-step instructions regarding the puzzles.

  1. Password protected locks - here you can find a list of all combinations that are needed to unlock electronic locks. We supply the codes that are needed to unlock certain containers and pathways.
  2. B-12 puzzle (The Flat) - first major puzzle, which involves activating the B-12 drone (your future companion) Here, we explain how to locate the power sources and the inactive drone from the second room.
  3. Door Code in The Flat - view this page to learn where to find the combination that allows you to leave the flat after activating B-12.
  4. The Super Spirit Laundry puzzle (Slums) - visit to receive information on how to get access to the Super Spirit Laundry building in Slums. You need to access this building, as it contains the detergent needed to push the story forward.
  5. Safe puzzle (Slums) - this page is dedicated to the optional puzzle involving a safe in Slums. Here, you'll learn who can decipher the binary code and how to obtain the combination to the safe itself. We also list the rewards from the unlocked safe.
  6. Seamus's room puzzle (Slums) - use this page if you need help regarding finding the secret room during your second visit to Slums. We show the location of the keyboard in Seamus's apartment and where to find the combination.
  7. Safe puzzle (Midtown) - this page offers a solution to an optional Midtown puzzle involving one of the safes. It will show you how to obtain the safe combination and what rewards are stored in it.
  8. Factory puzzle (Midtown) - this one involves activating 3 pressure plates at the same time in order to be able to get the battery.
  9. Clementine puzzle (Midtown) - here you can find tips and locations of 4 clues in Clementine apartment that has to be searched after returning from the factory.
  10. System lock puzzle (Control Room) - this description involves a puzzle in the final chapter of the game that requires you to hack 3 terminals.

Stray: Basics

The chapter on the basics of Stray contains tips and hints about the most important gameplay mechanics. These tips should help you to complete the game:

  1. Fight and stealth - we explain how combat takes place, how to complete escape scenes, and what options stealth mechanic offer.
  2. World exploration - here you will learn how to explore the world and what profits may stem from careful exploration of every nook and cranny.
  3. B12 Drone - this page is dedicated to the B-12 drone, who is your companion throughout the game. Here you'll learn how to cooperate with him and how to use his help during puzzles.

Stray: FAQ

In the FAQ section, you can find answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. Death - can you die? - Learn whether the cat can die and what consequences it can have.
  2. People - are there any? - On this page, we explain whether you can meet living people, or the only intelligent beings are the robots.
  3. Co-op - is it in the game? - Our guide explains whether Stray has any elements of cooperation, or is single-player only.
  4. Changing the cat's appearance - is it possible? - Learn whether it is possible to change the cat's appearance (different fur color etc.).
  5. Health - how to replenish? - We describe how to heal yourself in Stray.
  6. Other cats - are they in the game? - here we answer the question whether there are other cats or any living beings beside robots.
  7. Chapter select - is it possible? - here you can find whether the game allows you to repeat completed levels (Chapter Select)
  8. HUD - can it be turned off? - we explain whether there is an option to completely hide the HUD (including interaction prompts).
  9. Slum notebooks - where to find? - We show the locations of 4 Notebooks appearing in the Slums - Momo's, Doc's, Clementine's, and Zbaltazar's.
  10. Vending machines - where are they located? - we show where to find vending machines and whether their stock can help you during the game.
  11. Poncho for Elliot - how to get it? - here we explain step by step how to obtain the Poncho for Elliot which is found in the Elliot Programming building.
  12. Jacket - how to obtain it? - we list the steps that have to be undertaken in order to steal the Jacket for Blazer (Midtown)
  13. The Slums Map - is it in the game? - We explain whether you can use a map in this game. We've also described the most important locations in the slums and how to reach them.
  14. Seamus' flat- where is it? - We've explained how to reach Seamus' flat in the slums, which you visit in chapter 6.

Stray: Trophies and platinum

Our trophy guide covers all achievements obtainable during the game (25 in total) in much detail - here you can learn the steps needed in order to unlock them. We also inform you about the difficulty level of getting the platinum trophy/unlocking 100% of achievements.

Stray: Game's length

Stray is not a very long game. A standard playthrough should take you about 6 to 8 hours, but engaging in optional activities and thorough exploration can lengthen the experience.

More information can be found on a separate page: Game's length.

Stray: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10/11 64-bits
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-2550K 3.4 GHz/AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: 2 GB GeForce GTX 650 Ti/Radeon R7 360
  5. Disk space: around 10 GB

Stray has low system requirements. You can find a complete set of information about its minimum and recommended requirements, as well as its performance on PS5, on a separate page: System requirements.

Stray: Game editions

Stray will initially be offered only digitally, although in the future it should also have a physical release on consoles.

For more details, see the Game editions page.

Stray: Language versions

The game offers subtitles in 16 different languages. There isn't any voiced dialogue in the game.

The list of available language versions is available on a separate page: Language versions.

Stray: Release date and availability in PS

Stray has been released on July 19, 2022, on PC, PS4 and PS5. At the moment of release, the game was priced at 29,99$ / 29,99 EUR.

PlayStation Plus Premium, Deluxe and Extra subscribers can play it for free on day one. Unfortunately, if you have the PS Essential subscription, you will need to purchase the game.

About Stray Guide, Walkthrough

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Stray Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Blue Twelve Studio
  • publisher: Annapurna Interactive
  • platform: PC, PS4, PS5

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