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News guides 02 June 2023, 10:06

author: Damian Gacek

Street Fighter 6 (SF6) - Turn on Classic Controls in World Tour Mode

In this guide we will tell you how to enable Classic Controls in World Tour Mode. Read our guide to learn more.

Street Fighter 6 is a new fighting game form Capcom, it is another instalment in the liked series. The title was warmly welcomed by reviewers and players. SF6 allows you to fight with other people but it offers some single player experience also. World Tour, a new mode, is such addition. Many people wonder how to enable Classic Controls in it. In this guide we will answer this question.

How to change controls in World Tour

Many fans of Street Fighter series are accustomed to the previous controls patters, and as we know, it is difficult to change habits. Comfort of playing is extremely important if we talk about a game, in which your reflex and skills are very important. Luckily, Campcom introduced an option to pick classic controls. To choose them you have to:

  1. Open Multi Menu.
  2. Pick Settings.
  3. Select Controls.
  4. Change Classic controls in Avatar options.

However, this change will not work until you complete the First Chapter. You have to finish some tutorial missions first and play until you face Luke. After this point you will be able to use your preferred control type. This limitation is probably introduced to make veterans at least try new movement pattern. We leave it up to you to decide if you like this decision or not.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

Graduate of English Philology and English in Public Communication. His portfolio includes a scientific article on video game translation. Working with since 2019, writing for various departments. Currently, deals with guides and occasionally supports the newsroom. Interested in electronic entertainment since childhood. Loves RPGs and strategies, often also immersing himself in the depths of indie games. In his free time, works on a book and learns film editing.


Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

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