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Work on KOTOR Remake Halted, Reports Reliable Source [Update: Jason Schrier Counters]

Hubert Sledziewski, 22 November 2023, 00:03

More reports suggest that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake has been cancelled. Their source is popular industry journalist Jeff Grubb.

New Game From Night in the Woods Devs has Been Canceled

Adam Adamczyk, 08 November 2023, 06:14

The Glory Society has announced the cancellation of Revenant Hill. The reason is the serious illness of two key employees.

IGI Origins Director Says the Game Won't be Released Until Someone Regains IP Rights

Maciej Gaffke, 30 October 2023, 13:03

Enad Global 7 has not yet formally canceled IGI Origins. However, if a studio capable of taking over the IP rights and completing it is not found, it may eventually be canceled - at least that's the opinion of the game's director, who was taken off the project.

Alice Dev American McGee Was 'Emotionally Destroyed' by EA; Doesn't Give Fans Much Hope [Update]

Jacob Blazewicz, 24 October 2023, 00:59

The canceled Alice Asylum will never be developed. At least not with the participation of Americana McGee, but the creator has made it clear that also Electronic Arts is not interested in further development of the series.

SEGA Cancelled Hyenas; Online FPS From Total War Devs [Update #3]

Kamil Kleszyk, 04 October 2023, 15:52

As part of „restructuring,” SEGA has canceled several upcoming projects. Among them is the online shooter Hyenas.

Ubisoft Canceled Immortals: Fenyx Rising Sequel (Leak) [Update #2]

Hubert Sledziewski, 22 August 2023, 18:46

Immortals: Fenyx Rising is unlikely to become the start of a new series. Ubisoft was said to have canceled the sequel to the game.

Bad News About Little Big Adventure Reboot

Adrian Werner, 27 July 2023, 15:36

The reboot of the iconic Little Big Adventure has been scrapped. We also learned what's next for remasters of earlier installments in the series.

Massive Layoffs at Pokemon GO Devs; Two Projects Canceled

Jacob Blazewicz, 02 July 2023, 10:41

Niantic will focus on the development of Pokemon GO, but will also make efforts to ensure that other new games (besides the canceled Marvel World of Heroes and NBA All-World) also conquer the mobile market.

EA Didn't Cancel Titanfall 3, Respawn Did; Team Hid the Information for 6 Months

Adrian Werner, 14 June 2023, 11:31

Respawn Entertainment worked on Titanfall 3 for ten months before the project was abandoned in favor of Apex Legends. Interestingly, this took place without Electronic Arts' knowledge.

Seems Like Epic Quietly Canceled F2P Unreal Tournament 3

Maciej Gaffke, 06 June 2023, 14:49

The announced F2P Unreal Tournament 3 may not appear in stores at all. An Epic Games spokesperson declined to comment on the latest revelations.

'We Thought About Sequels and Wanted to Go 3D' - Fallout Dev on Future of Arcanum

Adrian Werner, 05 May 2023, 15:21

Tim Cain talked about the ideas and plans Troika had for Arcanum 2, the sequel to the excellent steampunk RPG from 2001.

Here's What The Lord of the Rings RPG From Troika Games Would Have Looked Like

Adam Celarek, 05 May 2023, 13:44

The co-founder of Troika Games has shared information and materials from a long-forgotten project. Years ago, the iconic studio was working on a game based on Tolkien's trilogy.

EA Rejects Alice: Asylum; Broken American McGee is Done With Gamedev

Adrian Werner, 10 April 2023, 12:37

EA has not agreed to develop a new installment of the Alice series. Its creator, American McGee, has announced that he will not try again and is done with both the series and the entire gamedev industry.

LEGO Skywalker Saga Devs Cancel Games Over Harry Potter (Leak)

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 March 2023, 14:02

TT Games is still in trouble after the turbulent development of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. According to rumors, the studio has canceled several projects, including Disney's crossover with the Danish blocks.

Check Out Trailer for Would-be Doom 4

Adrian Werner, 05 March 2023, 22:54

A previously unreleased teaser of Doom 4, the canceledinstallment of the series, has appeared online. It shows, among other things, the thick horror atmosphere that id Software was aiming for at the time.

Also Microsoft Cancels Games (Leak)

Hubert Sledziewski, 03 February 2023, 14:21

According to unofficial reports, as a result of layoffs at Microsoft, the studio currently reportedly working on Gears 6, The Coalition, has also shrunk. This has reportedly caused the developer to cancel two unannounced games.

EA Cancels 3 Games, Including Titanfall Legends [Update]

Jacob Blazewicz, 03 February 2023, 13:06

Electronic Arts has had a successful fiscal quarter, but does not intend to continue developing Battlefield and Apex Legends on mobile devices.

AC Mirage Team Grows; Ubisoft Transfers Devs of Recently Canceled Game

Kamil Kleszyk, 22 January 2023, 19:28

According to the latest unconfirmed reports, Ubisoft has reassigned developers involved on the now-cancelled Project Q to work on Assassin's Creed: Mirage.

Obsidian Was to Make Avatar 2

Zbigniew Woznicki, 21 January 2023, 14:40

James Cameron may have teamed up with Obsidian to create the Avatar 2 game. The studio's CEO Feargus Urquhart revealed in an interview that the collaboration took place, but it was long before the game's release.

Ubisoft After the Storm - Remaining 2023 Launches, Cancelled Games, Future Plans

Jacob Blazewicz, 20 January 2023, 14:45

What can Ubisoft fans hope for after the publisher's recent troubles? In this text you will find information about the French company's games scheduled for release in 2023 and those to be released in the unspecified future.

Why is Ubisoft Delaying and Canceling Games? Employees Explain

Michal Ciezadlik, 17 January 2023, 16:47

Ubisoft has not had the best run lately. Delays and cancelations have taken a toll on the company's finances. Some employees have spoken out anonymously about internal problems.

Ubisoft Tightens Belt; Cancels 3 Games and Delays Skull and Bones Again

Agnes Adamus, 12 January 2023, 10:54

Ubisoft is disappointed with sales of its recent games, so it is looking to save money, focus on its biggest brands and cancel three unannounced projects. In addition, it has postponed the release of Skull and Bones - for the sixth time...

Racing Game Fans Mourn Death of Project CARS

Christopher Mysiak, 08 November 2022, 16:17

Project CARS 4 will not happen - Electronic Arts communicated today that it is sending the series started by Slightly Mad Studios to the grave „after evaluating the long-term growth potential” of these racing simulators.

GSC's Lost Isometric STALKER Leaked Online

Michael Zegar, 13 October 2022, 11:08

A playable version of the canceled S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Online, developed by GSC Game World studio a decade ago, has appeared online. The title was to be an isometric multiplayer action game with a visual style reminiscent of Fallout 2.

Half-Life 3 Concept Arts Leaked

Agnes Adamus, 01 September 2022, 13:06

Concept arts from unreleased Valve games - including the sequel to Half-Life 2 - have surfaced online.

Another Cryptocurrency Game Fails; Players Lose Money

Jacob Blazewicz, 19 August 2022, 14:58

Untamed Isles has not yet been canceled, but the discontinuation of work and the failure to accept refunds of Kickstarter pledges bode poorly for a game intended to combine Pokemon with MMORPG.

Iron Man Game Could Have Destroyed Just Cause Devs

Jakub Tarchala, 18 August 2022, 14:02

The co-founder of Avalanche revealed how the studio's cooperation with Disney and Marvel worked out. The policies of these companies may have led the developer to trouble.

Diablo Immortal Devs were Making WoW Spin-off, Schreier Reports [UPDATED]

Jacob Blazewicz, 06 August 2022, 11:28

NetEase was supposed to create a World of Warcraft spin-off in the form of a mobile MMORPG. But apparently the project was scrapped after three years of work.

Ubisoft Canceled Ghost Recon Frontline, Splinter Cell VR and Two Other Games

Hubert Sledziewski, 22 July 2022, 10:58

Ubisoft has announced the cancellation of work on four games. Two of them were never announced. The others are Splinter Cell VR and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Frontline.

Hideo Kojima's Superhero Game Canceled Due to The Boys

Sonia Selerska, 27 June 2022, 13:16

The Amazon Prime series has ensured that we will not experience Hideo Kojima's take on superheroes. The Japanese game developer talks about a canceled project.

Jason Bourne as Protagonist of Cancelled GTA-like Game; Watch Gameplay

Adrian Werner, 26 June 2022, 15:46

Gameplays from two canceled projects have leaked to the web. The first one is an action game Treadstone, set in the world of Jason Bourne, which seems to be a mix between GTA IV and Splinter Cell: Conviction, and the second - Scarface Empire.

Leaked Screenshots From Canceled Marvel MMO Reveal Suprising Aesthetic

Kamil Kleszyk, 30 May 2022, 14:41

Thanks to the official information from Enad Global 7 we know that we won't play the awaited MMO game from Marvel. However, some screenshots from the canceled project have surfaced on the web.

Layoffs, Canceled Projects and Lack of Purpose; Problems at Mafia Devs

Przemyslaw Dygas, 27 May 2022, 14:38

Hangar 13 has more problems. The makers of Mafia 3 are facing a wave of layoffs and a painful restructuring.

Work on STALKER 2 Resumes

Michael Zegar, 20 May 2022, 20:48

Work on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl has resumed. The developers from GSC Game World revealed this information on their official Discord channel. By the way, they also mentioned the game's difficulty level.

FF XVI Devs Were Working on a Bloodborne-like Game; 'It Would've Been a Failure'

Adrian Werner, 08 May 2022, 15:14

Around 2010, a group of developers at Square Enix were working on a gothic action game with asymmetrical multiplayer. The project was scrapped when its creators were redeployed to save Final Fantasy XIV.

Abandoned Early Access Game The Stomping Land Revives After 8 Years

Miriam Moszczynska, 05 May 2022, 14:36

After an 8-year absence, the developer of The Stomping Land has returned. The game has been receiving updates since then, but it still hasn't returned for sale on Steam.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 Found; Fans Advise What to Do With Playable Copy

Jacob Blazewicz, 05 May 2022, 13:50

What to do with a playable copy of a canceled Star Wars game, discovered among childhood treasures? One Reddit user asked such question concerning Star Wars: Battlefront III. She did not predict that it will cause a storm on the web.

Here's a Long Gameplay From Canceled Half-Life 2: Episode 4

Agnes Adamus, 04 May 2022, 19:12

The Noclip channel featured extensive footage of Ravenholm, also known as Half-Life 2: Episode 4. The video includes lengthy gameplay footage.

Amazon is Not a Good Place for Gamedev; Ex-dev on Behind-the-scenes

Przemyslaw Dygas, 09 March 2022, 11:29

According to a former developer at Amazon Games, Crucible was doomed to fail from the start. It was influenced by, among other things, poor work organization.

Work on STALKER 2 Suspended

Michael Zegar, 02 March 2022, 22:44

Ukrainian studio GSC announced today that it has stopped work on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl. It also released a special video, which gives hope that the project will be continued after the fighting is over.

Unseen Gameplay Footage From Canceled Star Wars 1313

Michael Zegar, 27 January 2022, 13:16

A previously unknown gameplay from the canceled game Star Wars 1313, in which we were to play as Boba Fett, has just hit the web. The Coruscant is presents impressess with sheer scope.

EA's Harry Potter MMORPG That Never Was

Jacob Blazewicz, 23 December 2021, 12:03

The Harry Potter franchise could have lived to see its own MMORPG - if only Electronic Arts had no doubts about the brand's future.

Isometric Fallout 3 May Return; Fans Work to Resurrect Van Buren

Przemyslaw Dygas, 24 November 2021, 10:51

The legendary Van Buren, the original rendition of Fallout 3 from Black Isle, is getting closer to resurrection. The game developed by a team of enthusiasts is taking shape.

Project Volt - Unannounced Game From Mafia 3 Devs Got Canceled

Paul Musiolik, 04 November 2021, 15:30

Hangar 13. the creators of Mafia 3, had to cancel their latest project. Known under the working title Volt, the cancelled game cost the publisher $53 million.

Images From Valve's Would-be Space Pirate Game Stars of Blood

Patrick Kubiak, 31 October 2021, 22:35

Stars of Blood could have been a breath of fresh air and added something new to Valve as a game developer. Unfortunately, the only thing we got in connection with this project were concept arts, which leaked online years later.

Jade Empire 2 Was in the Pipeline but Got Killed Off by Problems at BioWare

Milosz Szubert, 22 October 2021, 16:49

Old Game Dev Advice channel, run by a former BioWare studio employee, posted an interesting material about the sequel to Jade Empire. It told us how the work on the sequel looked like, how it evolved and why the project eventually got canceled.

Rockstar Removes Last Traces of Its Unfinished Project

GRG, 06 October 2021, 11:11

More than twelve years after its official announcement, Rockstar is obliterating the last traces of the Agent project. The title disappeared from the list of games on the company's website and we probably won't hear about it again.

Paradox Cancels Unannounced Projects in Return to the Roots

Adrian Werner, 02 October 2021, 20:53

Paradox Interactive wants to focus on the genres in which it does best. Therefore, the publisher has canceled a number of unannounced projects.

Canceled Spider-Man 4 in New Gameplay

GRG, 13 September 2021, 11:31

An early gameplay of the canceled Spider-Man 4 from Radical Entertainment, on which 2012's Prototype 2 was based, has appeared online.

GTA Underground Mod Disappear After 6 Years of Work Due to T2's 'Increasing Hostility'

Agnes Adamus, 05 September 2021, 17:38

The creators of the GTA Underground mod have decided to suspend work on it. All this is due to Take-Two's „ increasing hostility” towards the modding community and fear for their own mental and financial well-being. Thus ends the six-year history of the project.