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News guides 27 June 2024, 03:36

Tarisland - Inscribed Stone Guide

If you wonder how the Inscribed Stone system in Tarisland works, look no longer, as we have prepared a handful guide for you.

Source: Tarisland, Developer: Level Infinite

It is always great to see a game which has many interesting mechanics, allowing for a lot of gameplay customisation. However, their inner workings can sometimes be rather complex or at least unclear at the very first sight. It seems to be the case of the Inscribed Stone system in Tarisland. Let’s take a deeper look at how this specific skill tree works and how to upgrade it to make the most of it. So, without further ado…

Inscribed Stone system in Tarisland explained


The main goal of Inscribed Stone system in Tarisland is to enable larger variety of class builds. The skill tree nodes that you can see in the menu are boosting your stats and sometimes grant additional passive effects. To progress with the tree, you have to gather Inscribed Stone Energy, which can be obtained from activities like:

  1. Dark Invasions,
  2. Manual of Destiny,
  3. Universal Hall,
  4. Battle Pass.

Additionally, the energy can be bought from Reputation Shop in the form of Dust of Inscribed Stone. Due to that, you want to level up your reputation in the zones to be able to buy more of the dust.

Emblem nodes

A special type of nodes that you will encounter in the system is Emblem nodes. You will have to gather them first to gain strong, additional effects. Emblems themselves can be found in Emblem Chests. They come at several tiers:

  1. Green – can be upgraded up to level 4,
  2. Blue – can be upgraded up to level 7,
  3. Purple – can be upgraded up to level 10.

If you are persistent enough, you can enhance Emblem to the point it gets a random, additional effect. Due to its accidental nature, it can add a boost that is not the best for your class, making it a bit of a gamble. The bonuses can also compliment the nodes on the Inscribed Stone skill tree relative to their position. For example, an emblem can improve a skill that’s located in bottom left position of the emblem slot.

Core nodes

Last but not least, on the tree you will also notice core nodes, which empower your Fatuina Echo performance and eventually will enable you to use your Inscribed Stone active skills more frequently. However, early in the game it is recommended to go for the normal nodes first, as the core ones are quite pricey.

Hopefully with this knowledge you will make the most out of this system. You may also be interested in how to use Stone of Prayer and gain some advantage by activating bonus codes. Good luck!

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