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News video games 12 April 2022, 20:40

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Test Drive Unlimited Devs Hired to Make NFT Racing Games

Eden Games, the developers of Test Drive Unlimited, has been bought out by Animoca Brands. From now on the team will create racing games focusing on NFTs.

It started with a high C, and after twenty-four years it was sold and delegated to make BFT games - this is how the history of Eden Games can be summarized so far. The studio that gave us the iconic Test Drive Unlimited (de facto predecessor of Forza Horizon). The French developer can dream about another such ambitious project, because this week the team was acquired by Animoca Brands - a company which specializes in racing games, true, but based on the blockchain network.

The previous owner of Eden Games was Engine Gaming & Media. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. It is only known that Animoca Brands owns 100% of the studio's stocks.

From now on, only NFT games...

In an official announcement released by Animoca Brands we can read that Eden Games will "work on existing and new games from the REVV Motorsport ecosystem" - which is actually a platform for buying and exchanging NFTs hidden behind a video game facade. Productions based on this system operate - at least theoretically - on the "play to earn" model.

Theoretically, because as is was shown with the recent case F1 Delta Time, players can lose several years of investment overnight. Not to mention the fact that obtaining tokens with virtual cars or drivers is usually an extremely difficult task, so users usually have to pay for them with real money anyway.

...and reanimation of corpses.

Victims of this situation received the opportunity to exchange their NFTs for their equivalents in REVV Racing as well as the so-called Race Pass, which is to give them access to more tokens in the future. Eden Games will also be working on their content.

And it was so nice...

The developer has not been doing too well recently - the team's latest games are the budget Gear.Club Unlimited 2 or the mobile F1 Mobile Racing for Android and iOS devices. However, the studio started with a fairly popular V-Rally 2 from 1999, and a kind of crowning achievement of its work was Test Drive Unlimited, released seven years later. The sequel (from 2011) won much less recognition, and along the way (in 2008) the studio happened to make Alone in the Dark. After it, the team completely turned to racing games. And it will continue to create racing games - only with NFTs.

The third Test Drive Unlimited - subtitled Solar Crown - is being developed by Kylotonn and it seems to be doing well. The title is scheduled for release on September 22, 2022.

Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited

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