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News video games 22 June 2022, 12:19

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

The Callisto Protocol Will Force Us Into Bloody Close Combat

If you were hoping for a ton of shooting in The Callisto Protocol, then I have to disappoint you. The game will spend a lot of time putting us in melee combat.

  • Designer of The Callisto Protocol shared information on the combat system.
  • In the game we are supposed to fight hand-to-hand as often as with firearms.
  • Close encounters are meant to increase the impact of gore effects on the player.

Presentation of The Callisto Protocol immediately evoked direct associations with Dead Space among the gamers. No wonder, because the creator of the new game is Glen Schofield, the man responsible for the creation of the latter.

However, these titles will not be identical. The first big differences we will notice is in the gameplay itself. While in Dead Space we had many opportunities to deal with enemies from a distance, The Callisto Protocol will often force us into direct confrontations.

Close encounters and gore

New information about the game was shared by Ben Walker, the designer of The Callisto Protocol. In an interview for Game Informer he revealed how the combat in the upcoming game will look like.

It was important for the creators that the game offers exceptionally intense and brutal experience. On the screen we will see a lot of bloody effects and widely understood gore.

However, it would not affect the players in a strong enough way if they watch everything from a distance. Thus, The Callisto Protocol will bet on close encounters with opponents. We will be shooting as often as engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Ben Walker openly stated that this kind of fights will constitute as much as half of all clashes in the game. Thanks to this, we will fully experience the grossness of individual opponents. We will also clearly see all the bloody effects.

We will be able to dismember enemies and also severely injure them. Tearing off their arms or legs will radically change their behavior. This often translates into a reduction of the threat from their side.

Of course, the monsters attacking us will be able to respond in kind and quickly decapitate the character. All this will be felt through the PlayStation 5 controller. DualSense is to make us feel breaking bones, which will certainly affect the impressions flowing from the game.

Many possibilities and true survival

The playing field will be leveled a bit by the fact that we will have a large arsenal at our disposal. Melee weapons will appear in various forms, and moreover, we'll be able to upgrade them to deal with enemies even better.

We will also have firearms in our hands. However, ammunition for it will be a luxury item, which is supposed to force closer confrontations. This will also increase the survival aspect of the game and the impression that each battle is a difficult journey for the protagonist.

However, nothing will stand in the way of combining both fighting styles. Dodge system will allow for complex duels. We'll be able to attack the enemy in melee, dodge its attack, push the enemy away and quickly pull out a firearm to shoot it in the face.

Great opportunities will also be offered by a tool called GRP. With its help we will be able to attract or repel opponents, as well as keep them in place. This will enable us to control the distance over which the clash will take place.

How all this will work in reality, we will check at the end of the year. The Callisto Protocol will debut on December 2 on PC, PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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