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News video games 15 April 2021, 13:45

author: Michal Ciezadlik

The Forgotten City Will Launch on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X This Summer

The Forgotten City, a game that started out as a modification for Skyrim, will be coming not only to PC and Xbox One, but also to XSX/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The newly released trailer also states that the release will take place this summer.

  • Yesterday we received a new trailer for The Forgotten City, a game originally conceived as a Skyrim mod;
  • In addition to the announced PC and Xbox One versions, the game also be released on next-generation consoles, as well as Nintendo Switch;
  • The release was announced for the summer of 2021.

Yesterday we received a new trailer for The Forgotten City - a first-person adventure game from Australian studio Modern Storytellers. The game started life as a TES V: Skyrim mod, where it appeared as a separate, extensive story mission. Originally The Forgotten City was supposed to come out exclusively on PC and Xbox One, but the fresh trailer makes it clear: the game will alsocome out on Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Switch. While no exact date has been given yet, we do know that the release will take place this summer. We will most likely have to wait until the E3 trade show for details.

The Forgotten City will tell the story of a mysterious underground city from the time of the Roman Empire, to which we will find ourselves as a traveler. Using a time loop we will discover the secrets of its inhabitants who were turned into golden statues.

"Trapped in a secret underground city during the Roman Empire, twenty-three lost souls cling to life. In this precarious utopia, if one person breaks the mysterious Golden Rule, everyone dies. As a time-traveller drawn two thousand years into the past, you’ll relive their final moments in an endless loop, exploring and interrogating, and changing the course of the day with each secret you uncover.

Only by cleverly exploiting the time loop and making difficult moral choices can you hope to solve this epic mystery. Here, your decisions matter. The fate of the city is in your hands."

The gameplay is to focus mainly on exploration, conversations and solving puzzles related to the time loop. The developers have also prepared a character editor in which we can decide on the protagonist's appearance, gender and past. The plot of The Forgotten City will be non-linear, the player will be able to use different approaches to solve the problems. The game will also offer many alternative endings.

  1. The Forgotten City - official website
The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City

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