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News video games 21 November 2020, 18:53

author: Karol Laska

The Lord of the Rings Easter Egg in AC Valhalla

Every day players discover more and more easter eggs in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. This time, somebody noticed that Ubisoft refers, and quite directly, to The Lord of the Rings.

  • Another noteworthy easter egg in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is related to The Lord of the Rings;
  • A Hobbiton-like location can be found in Gloucester;
  • Inquisitive players may also find a special letter and a ring.

Who doesn't like easter eggs? These can make a game much more enjoyable by referring to various representatives of pop culture. One of the games that allows likes to get various little tidbits under the radar is Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - it would be a sin to create a huge open world without filling it with additional but unexpected content. Recently we wrotewriting about the mission alluding to Kojima's Death Stranding, today we're going to move to classic literature and cinema, recalling perhaps the most outstanding fantasy series there is. Ubisoft did not hesitate to refer to the iconic The Lord of the Rings.

On the British website of Eurogamer, journalist Emma Kent shared some information about this easter egg, which we will discover if we go to the western Gloucester. There we will also find a unique village full of moss-covered houses - inhabited by pagans. In its charming structure, it immediately brings to mind the Hobbiton, a region from Middle-earth, which is characterized mainly by the fact that it is home to, that's right, Hobbits. Take a look at this charming place for a while.

The Lord of the Rings Easter Egg in AC Valhalla - picture #1
They may not be hobbits, but huts remind us of something. Source: Eurogamer

And although it is not the final proof that the developers really wanted to refer to The Lord of the Rings, it is already hard to deny this characteristic correlation when we discover two items hidden in this location (it rhymes!). Namely, attention please, the One Ring and a letter, the content of which provides some clues:

The Lord of the Rings Easter Egg in AC Valhalla - picture #2
A modest set of easter eggs. Source: Eurogamer
The Lord of the Rings Easter Egg in AC Valhalla - picture #3
And here's the content of the letter. Source: Eurogamer

"Make the door smaller," "druid," "unruly guests"? What is this, a letter from Bilbo Baggins, mentioning Gandalf? We leave this to your interpretation, although all the signs in heaven and earth seem to indicate that Ubisoft has really left a not for Tolkien fans.

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