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News movies & tv series 24 March 2020, 15:27

author: Adrian Werner

The Walking Dead - Desolate Atlanta Compared to a TV Show Poster

The coronavirus has left American streets deserted. This allowed fans of The Walking Dead to take a picture in Atlanta, reproducing the iconic poster for the TV show.

Due to the coronavirus threat, pedestrians and cars have disappeared from American streets, giving the local metropolises an almost post-apocalyptic vibe. This inspired one of the fans of The Walking Dead to try to recreate the iconic poster of the first season of the TV show.

The fan asked his colleague, Lori Kristen, who lives in Atlanta, for help. She went to the Jackson Street Bridge and took a picture of the route leading to the city centre. The creators of this poster used a photo from this very place. They have reworked it significantly, changing the layout of the streets and adding a lot of details, but still the combination of the two images is very impressive. Due to the coronavirus, the road, usually filled with cars, resembles the landscape from the post-apocalyptic series.

At least for now we do not have to deal with zombies.

Let's recall that the comic book The Walking Dead ended last year, but the franchise still lives in other media. The tenth season of The Walking Dead TV series is currently underway and another one is planned.

The premiere of the sixth season of the spin-off, titled Fear the Walking Dead, was planned for this year, but it is not known whether this will be possible due to coronavirus. The pandemic has already delayed the premiere of the second side production of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which was originally scheduled to debut in April.

The Walking Dead are also doing well in the video game market. Recently, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners debuted on PC and was warmly welcomed by both players and industry media.

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