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News video games 18 April 2019, 15:25

author: Milosz Szubert

This is Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 – Huge Pack of Skyrim Mods

The debut, 4.0 version of Ultimate Skyrim was released today – it's a huge pack of modifications for the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls series. It makes Bethesda's production much more demanding and more beautiful.

One of the biggest advantages of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is its vibrant modder community. Fans of the latest installment of Bethesda's popular RPG series are constantly adding new locations, quests, items, heroes, and graphics to the series. However, sometimes installing single modifications can be a bit tedious. This is where the Ultimate Skyrim comes in – a huge bundle of mods that are a real treat for fans of the cult game. Recently, after many months of testing, version 4.0 of this project has been released. It can be found on the page linked below.

  1. Ultimate Skyrim 4.0
This is Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 – Huge Pack of Skyrim Mods - picture #1
Ultimate Skyrim offers some stunning vistas...

Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 consists of more than 300 mods. Their full list can be found here. The pack is build around the huge expansion, Skyrim Requiem, which in itself focuses on raising realism and significantly increases the level of difficulty in the game. It's a unique combination of various community works, modifying the combat system, factions, character development, economy, visuals and adding new opponents, items, locations and much more. According to the creators, all these projects change The Elder Scrolls V into an immersive and unforgiving production, in which only the strongest can persevere.

This is Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 – Huge Pack of Skyrim Mods - picture #2 classes...

To run Ultimate Skyrim 4.0, you need a clean install of the classic, vanilla Skyrim (not the Special Edition) with all DLCs, the latest .NET Framework and Java (64-bit), as well as Skyrim Script Extender, SKSE Plugin Preloader, TES5Edit and ENB. Then, you must select the type of compilation installation you want to install. For version 4.0, there are two available for free – a manual and an automatic, so you don't have to worry about whether you've done everything right or if the game will start. Interestingly, future updates of the package coming via the automatic compiler will be available only to Patreon donors for a minimum of 5 dollars a month.

This is Ultimate Skyrim 4.0 – Huge Pack of Skyrim Mods - picture #3
...and more rewarding ways to kill. Source: Nexus.

A detailed description of the installation process of Ultimate Skyrim 4.0, along with links to download the necessary programs, can be found here.

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