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News 14 March 2019, 23:13

author: Vergil

THQ Nordic Announces SpellForce Heroes & Magic

THQ Nordic and HandyGames have announced SpellForce: Heroes & Magic, a mobile turn-based strategy spin-off of the RPG/RTS hybrid series. If you're a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic, here's something up your alley.

THQ Nordic and HandyGames have established a cooperation which will result in SpellForce: Heroes & Magic. The title will be a mobile turn-based strategy game and at the same time a spin-off of an acclaimed PC series, similar in its premise to the Heroes of Might and Magic series. It is worth noting that the title is aimed at mobile devices with Android and iOS systems (where it should be available "soon") and will be distributed in a premium model (it will be priced at $7.99); we will not see any microtransactions, lootboxes or other elements from the free-to-play segment. Let's have a look at the trailer and see what the developers are preparing for us.

Let's start with the fact that the story will be a secondary element in SpellForce: Heroes & Magic. You will be able to play in the adventure mode, consisting of thirteen missions, as well as in random skirmishes on procedurally generated maps. The developers will enable us to take control of three races - people, dark elves and orcs; what's more, there will be six neutral factions in the fantastic world of Eo, with whom we will have more or less friendly relations (Gargoyles, Shadows, Elves, Dwarves, Barbarians and Trolls).

During the game we will spend a lot of time on a strategic map, where we will move heroes and their subordinates, collecting resources, taking control of various buildings (such as farms or mines) and challenging the encountered adversaries. An important role will also be played by taking care of the back-up facilities of our empire - it will be necessary to expand the cities, keep an eye on the flow of resources andcapture new territories.

THQ Nordic Announces SpellForce Heroes & Magic - picture #1
The game will be played on two levels. The first one will be the strategic map....

Battles will take place in arenas covered with hexagonal grid, and forty-five types of units can be put up for battle. Among them, we can find both standard soldiers (such as knights or archers), as well as special units (like shamans and sorcerers) and siege machines. Each of them will be endowed with an individual set of strengths and weaknesses, and some will be able to use special abilities.

As we progress, both heroes and their subordinates will earn experience points and gain experience levels, unlocking new skills. In addition, it will be possible to supply heroes and soldiers with progressively better equipment.

THQ Nordic Announces SpellForce Heroes & Magic - picture #2 actual combat, the battlefield will be covered with a hexagonal grid, and we will be able to show off our tactical sense.

Let's remind that the first part of the SpellForce series, subtitled The Order of Dawn, launched in 2003. Its continuation, i.e. the Shadow Wars, went on sale three years later. Players had to wait until 2017 for the third major installment of the cycle, when SpellForce 3, a prequel to the previous two saw the light of day.

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SpellForce: Heroes & Magic

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic

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