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News video games 07 December 2022, 23:32

Leak Suggests Uncharted Reboot

Industry insiders report that Sony has decided to develop a reboot of the Uncharted series. Most likely, it will be the work of a studio other than Naughty Dog, although the fathers of the series are expected to help with it., a website known for its reliable leaks reports - citing two independent sources - that Sony is said to have made a decision in early 2022 to reset the Uncharted series and create its reboot. Its development was reportedly not commissioned to Naughty Dog - that is, the fathers of the series - but to another developer.

Even if true, this is not entirely surprising information. The protagonist of the series, Nathan Drake, is not getting any younger after all. Consequently, chasing legendary treasures, shooting and climbing to great heights would be increasingly difficult - if not impossible - for him. I leave aside the fact that all these activities would look less and less credible.

The Uncharted brand, however, is too strong to be abandoned - not shortly after the movie based on it starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg came out. So the decision to reboot the series - perhaps directly linked to the movie - seems quite plausible and logical.

Interestingly, Sony could have planned it earlier than early 2022. In January 2021 we informed about the existence of PlayStation Studios Visual Arts. There were many indications that this team - which has experience in co-designing high-budget games (e.g. Marvel's Spider-Man or Uncharted itself) - could take on the work on Nathan Drake's next adventure.

A recent job offer published by Sony indicated that PSS Visual Arts is developing - or will develop in the near future - an as-yet unannounced AAA game in partnership with Naughty Dog. There is reportedly already a clear vision of it and a release plan.

Complementing the information, a few months earlier, Naughty Dog's current recruiter Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty - then assuming that position - announced that "her job will be to recruit developers who will not only work on new titles, but also develop the legacy of Uncharted".

Of course, one can't be sure that all the news cited above adds up, but there are many indications that this is the case. To sum up: the next Uncharted game may be its reboot, which will be created by PSS Visual Arts in cooperation with Naughty Dog.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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