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News guides 17 May 2023, 16:26

author: Damian Gacek

V Rising Gloomrot with Problems - Servers and Connection Issues Affected Some Players

The new update to V Rising launched today. Groomrot is very big and brings some problems. Many players have connection issues and experience authentication error. As a result they can’t start the game.

V Rising is a very popular game about building your own vampire haven. The title is still in development. So it is not surprising that from time to time it is updated. Secrets of Gloomrot was released today, it is the first major content pack. Nevertheless, many players can’t experience novelties because of various problems. Some of them report connection issues, while others can’t start the game or see only black screen. Many people experience authentication error, too.

V Rising Gloomrot Servers and connection issues

The most common problem for players is connected with servers. Various players report that they have connection issues, even if they play the game locally. This causes the game to lag. Some of them do not have even this much luck, as they simply can’t connect to servers or the game closes when they try to do it. Authentication error is an often reason of the fans’ irritation.

What is more, it is worth to remember that to access the new content, you have to start the new game. All official servers were wiped. You can play on your world if you pick special branch on Steam. However, the case may be lost if you did not backup your saves.

Nevertheless, it is not the end of the story. Some players report, that the reset also wiped the server history. So, it may be the reason, if your server is not showing up. Of course, it may be problematic for many fans, who played in multiplayer mode.

V Rising – other problems; is it that bad?

Server and connection issues are not the only problems which plague players. Some fans state that they can’t launch the game, or they can see a black screen.

It is worth to remember that while various people experience problems, still even more play the game without any. At this moment, the source of so many issues is unknown. Nevertheless, the developers probably are working right now to fix everything.

You should remember that the patch is very big and complex, so some kind of troubles were likely to happen.

Potential fixes

While it may not help you, it is worth to remember that many problems in games are caused by old drivers or programs which interfere (like antiviruses). Also try to verify files. Don’t forget to check if your game is updated. You can also connect to different servers. Finally, the only way may be simply to wait for the fix.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

Graduate of English Philology and English in Public Communication. His portfolio includes a scientific article on video game translation. Working with since 2019, writing for various departments. Currently, deals with guides and occasionally supports the newsroom. Interested in electronic entertainment since childhood. Loves RPGs and strategies, often also immersing himself in the depths of indie games. In his free time, works on a book and learns film editing.


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