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News video games 18 May 2022, 14:46

author: Agnes Adamus

V Rising's Whetstones; Where to Find Them and How to Craft Them

Here you will learn where to find and how to craft Whetstones in V Rising.

V Rising is a game, which immediately sparked great interest among the players. However, as it happens, not all aspects of the title are clear. A perfect example of this is Whetstone. It is an important resource required for castle development and weapon creation. Below you will find information on where to find it and how to craft it.

Where to find the Whetstone?

In the initial phase of V Rising Whetstone can be found by exploring the environment. As you explore subsequent parts of the map, you will come across interesting locations. They are marked in yellow. If you hover your cursor over these areas, you will see what you can find in this place. You can find the raw material you are looking for mainly in places where bandits are stationed.

If you find Whetstone in the item list, just go to that location and search all available places.

How do I craft Whetstone?

Whetstones can also be crafted. However, this requires some progress in the game. To do so, you must defeat Grayson the Armorer, one of the bosses that appear in V Rising.

Once you have gained the ability to create Whetstone, all you have to do is put the following ingredients into the furnace:

  1. 1 x Copper Ingot
  2. 12 x Stone Dust

This will give you the desired resource.

V Rising

V Rising

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